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The Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) hereby invites potential service providers to apply for registration on an established preferred service provider database for undertaking business process improvement interventions in identified processes, with a view to creating a more conducive business and regulatory environment in the Province.

1. The key deliverables expected from the business process improvement service providers experts will include conducting business process improvement/optimisation studies, and may include some of the following actions:

a. Studying all documents relevant to the process (such as legislation, regulations, and policies), in order to get a better understanding of the process steps;

b. Reviewing the current process;

c. Mapping the “as-is” process (using appropriate software, preferably Visio, and using Business Process Modelling Notation);

d. Benchmarking the current process against similar processes in other government departments and/or municipalities to compare the processes;

e. Identifying possible improvements (fill the gap);

f. Developing proposed “to-be” maps;

g. Providing recommendations to be implemented and the potential benefit/value add per improvement;

h. Developing Standard Operating Procedures for the improved processes;

i. Developing new document templates;

j. Developing a changed navigation plan to ensure implementation of changed process; and

k. Developing a PowerPoint presentation on the project and presenting it to at least three management forums.

2. Evaluation of applications will be on the following:

2.1. Experience

• The service provider’s relevant experience in business process improvement.

• Number of projects done (including examples of previous similar work done). Scoring will be based on the number of similar projects done.

2.2. Methodology

• The proposed methodology to be used to achieve each deliverable.

2.3. Capacity – the project team’s capacity in terms of:

• Research;

• Reviewing existing processes and identifying improvements;

• Process mapping (including use of Visio and BPMN);

• Developing standard operating procedures; and

• Change management.

2.4. References – written references of similar previous work done. Scoring will be based on the number of reference letters provided, with updated contact details.

The bid documents are available for collection between 08:00 and 15:30, Mondays to Fridays, from the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, 9th Floor, Waldorf Building, 80 St. George’s Mall, Cape Town, or may be e-mailed upon request. In accordance with the new Preferential Procurement Regulations, BEE Certificates need to be provided by all candidates with proposals. Only a valid BEE Certificate from the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) Company will be acceptable. The closing date for submission of bids is 13 January 2017 at strictly 11:00. Bid documents can be placed in the bid box on the 9th Floor, Waldorf Building, 80 St. George’s Mall, Cape Town, 8000 or posted to P.O. Box 979, Cape Town, 8001, for receipt before the closing date of the bid. Any late bid documents will not be accepted and will be returned to the bidder. For bid enquiries, kindly contact Ms Denise Naicker, Tel: 021 483 9157. For technical enquiries, kindly contact Mr Raybin Windvogel, Tel: 021 483 9902 and Cell: 082 849 2424 or Mr Joe-Mark Arnold on 021 483 8096.

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