Data Analytics Consultant Clinical & Community HIV & AIDS Services Strengthening (CHASS) Project, Mozambique

RFP date of issuance December 16, 2016
Due date for respondent questions December 23, 2016 5:00 pm EDT (UTC/GMT – 4:00)
Answers to respondent questions posted January 6, 2016
Due date for proposals January 20, 2016 5:00 pm EDT (UTC/GMT – 4:00)


The CHASS project works to improve the quality, coverage and effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions across four provinces in Mozambique — Manica, Niassa, Sofala and Tete. The project works in close partnership with the Ministry of Health at facility, district, provinicial and national levels, and with Mozambican NGOs and CBOs. This involves management of a large dataset, including approximately 100 variables reported from more than 400 health facilities on a monthly basis. The project has significantly improved data collection and data quality in recent years and is now moving to engage in more rigorous and sophisticated data analysis for project learning and decision-making.


Design and institute improved data visualization of routine program monitoring data using Microsoft’s Power BI, establish simple procedures for updating/refreshing the analytics as new data arrive, and roll out these products at national, provincial, district and health facility level.


  • Program improved presentation formats in Microsoft’s Power BI (time-series analysis or trends, progress against targets, progress against the care cascade, and others) for inclusion in a data dashboard, in consultation with the M&E and technical teams.
  • Use Microsoft’s Power BI tools to create a new data warehouse where data from the existing Mozambique DHIS-2 database are linked and refreshed on a monthly basis through standard queries that extract key variables for routine and periodic analysis.
  • Develop technical area specific, interactive dashboards, which may cover program areas including: ART, TB/HIV, HTC, Community, and Program Management. Design the data dashboards to be dynamic/interactive and consider options for hosting it on the program server, as well as in the cloud, to enable off-site access, and access to analytics on mobile devices.
  • Use the improved analytics as an opportunity to recommend improvements in key data management processes (including regulations around sharing and use of data by different teams in the office, running custom queries, and processing updates).
  • Build capacity of the Mozambique team to design and manage high-quality analytics, and maintain the new data dashboard.
  • Ensure robust documentation of the process to facilitate external assistance over time (transparency in programming related to dashboard design and customization) and sharing experiences with other countries and programs.

Scope of Work

The scope of work will be split into two parts 1). Initial scoping mission and 2). Development of improved data visualization products including data dashboard, and improved data management system. Each scope should be budgeted separately as completing of scope two will be dependent on the successful completion of scope one.


  • 1.Initial scoping mission
  • Work with CHASS M&E team to understand current databases, and how much work is needed to link them to new dashboard
  • Seek feedback from the CHASS M&E and technical teams on preferences regarding data visualization and contents of the new dashboard, levels of disaggregation, etc.
  • Understand the project’s IT infrastructure and any local regulations, and explore options for hosting new analytics on local server or cloud
  • Obtain last year’s dataset for stage 2
  • Prepare a brief report of stage 1
  • 2.Development of improved data visualization products including data dashboard, and improved data management system, and
  • Development of dashboard that responds to program needs
  • Program a link between DHIS-2 and Microsoft Power BI, using the current set of data elements/indicators
  • Upgrade the charts used for displaying data as part of the new visualization products
  • Build the interactive dashboards with desired level of disaggregation based on user needs
  • Develop system to store data locally in Mozambique and backed up to a cloud based database, with the ability to access analytics on mobile devices
  • Conduct training on new system(s), covering both IT and M&E aspects
  • Create a manual of procedures with detailed instructions on maintaining the new system, including how to modify or add data elements, and update linkages


  • Upgraded and up-to-date data dashboards and improved charts for displaying routine program data, linked to the existing DHIS-2 database with all required disaggregation.
  • A simple means of interacting with the dashboard for users to see their preferred indicators and level of analysis.
  • Simple process for updating analytics/visualization by sync’ing folders with updated monthly data
  • Local and cloud based data access, including ability to access analytics on mobile device.
  • Two trainings focused on 1) maintenance of the new system targeting IT personnel 2) the use of the new dashboard targeting M&E and technical staff.
  • A manual of procedures targeting both IT and technical staff to support the training. This should include detailed instructions on maintenance, customization and use of the platform.

Estimated Performance Period

  • 3-4 months from initiation of consultancy. Consultant will need to travel to Mozambique on at least three occasions.

Up to three payments will be made based on LOE and allowable expenses. To initiate payment for consulting fees, the consultant must submit a signed consultant invoice (template will be provided) to the project monitors. LOE should be supported by a timesheet. Receipts or other support must be provided for expenses.

After reviewing and approving the invoice, the monitors will forward it to the Finance department. Payments will be made in U.S Dollars through a wire transfer. The consultant is responsible for any bank fees or loss that occurs when his or her bank receives the wire transfer.

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • Power BI programmer
  • Database development, management experience (DHIS-2)
  • Demonstrated ability to produce high-quality data analysis reports
  • Fluency in English required, fluency in Portuguese preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience analytics
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience database design and management
  • Experience with HIV or public health programs preferred
  • Training experience preferred


FHI 360 will accept questions from interested parties by the date and time noted above. Questions will only be accepted in writing at the email address [email protected] All emailed questions must contain the subject line “FHI 360/CHASS – Data Analytics Consultant.” FHI 360 reserves the right to not answer any or all questions. All questions and the corresponding answers will be posted on the FHI 360 website at //www.fhi360.org/partner-us/consultant-opportunities. (Questions will be posted anonymously.)

Application Process

Proposals and all annexes must be delivered electronically in a MS Word/MS Excel format by 5:00 pm EDT (UTC/GMT - 4:00) on the date noted above, to the following address: [email protected]

FHI 360 reserves the right to consider late proposals for review, at its sole discretion. FHI 360 will confirm within two business days receipt of the proposal. It is anticipated that the successful consultant will be contacted on or about February, 2017.

Proposal narrative

  • 6 pages maximum, excluding bibliography, annexes, and the additional submission components noted below.
  • Prepared in English.
  • Should clearly describe the approach to be employed to address the requirements noted above, including a detailed implementation plan with timelines.
  • Should clearly describe how the consultant will work with counterparts on the FHI 360 Mozambique team throughout the process to ensure transfer of skills. 

Proposal annexes

  • 1.Summary (max. 3 pages) of expertise and experience, highlighting those aspects that are particularly relevant to the present assignment
  • 2.CVs of key staff (5 pages maximum each)
  • 3.Name and contact details for three relevant references
  • 4.Samples of previous work relevant to data analytics using PowerBI 
  • 5.Budget, including proposed daily fee rate (in USD, expenses other direct costs. For budgeting travel, assume a single air itinerary with up to three stops over seven days.


Any information that substantially changes the requirements of the solicitation will be released through the issuance of an amendment to the solicitation, posted on FHI 360’s website at //www.fhi360.org/partner-us/consultant-opportunities, and will also be e-mailed to any Consultant who has sent an e-mail indicating an intent to respond by the question submission deadline to the email addresses above. 

Evaluation Criteria

Criterion Weight
Technical proposal 40%
Past performance and related experience 30%
Cost proposal 30%
Total 100%


  • Issuance of solicitation does not constitute award commitment by FHI 360. FHI 360 may reject any or all responses received or cancel the solicitation and choose not to award.
  • FHI 360 reserves the right to disqualify any offer based on failure to follow solicitation instructions.
  • FHI 360 reserves the right to issue award based on initial evaluation of offers without further discussion.
  • FHI 360 reserves the right to award only part of the activities in the solicitation, or to issue multiple awards.
  • FHI 360 reserves the right to waive minor proposal deficiencies that can be corrected prior to award determination.
  • FHI 360 will not compensate applicants for costs of preparing responses to this solicitation.

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