The South African-German Energy Programme (SAGEN), funded by the German government and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in cooperation with the Department of Energy (DoE) supports improving the framework conditions for renewable energy small scale embedded generation (SSEG). SAGEN would like to extend its scope of work to further analyse and support technology and policy options that would address low and middle income groups to benefit from grid-connected rooftop solar PV. The intention of this project is to identify and pilot promising policy and technology approaches to make rooftop PV accessible to more of the South African population.

GIZ - SAGEN is seeking a team of suitably qualified consultants specialized in the field of Solar rooftop PV to a) conduct a scoping analysis for low and middle income grid-connected rooftop solar PV policy and technology options, b) conduct the necessary stakeholder and partner engagements, c) hold a stakeholder consolidation workshop to discuss promising project ideas and approaches and, d) develop of a set of recommendations for GIZ-SAGEN to take forward.

GIZ recommends applicants to formulate consultant consortiums by sourcing and grouping various skills together when applying for this complex appointment. GIZ particularly invites consultants to partner up with non-governmental organisations / non-profit organisations (NPOs) involved in lower income solar PV programs, to apply for this assignment.

GIZ invites eligible and professional companies with a local presence in South Africa, to request the documentation to be completed from by 26.05.2017. Please quote reference #83258290 when requesting the documentation.

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