Invitation for Nominations

Construction Education and Training

Authority (CETA) Accounting Authority

The Chief Executive Officer of the CETA hereby invites nominations for the appointment of suitably qualified nominees as members of the CETA Accounting Authority (“the Accounting Authority”), for the forthcoming term of office, in terms of section 11 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998 (“the Act”) and clause 8(6) of the CETA Constitution (“the Constitution”).

Nominations are invited from the following stakeholders operating within the Construction sector to be considered for appointment as members of the CETA Accounting Authority, in terms of section 11(2) of the Act: • 6 persons who must be nominated by organised labour • 6 persons who must be nominated by organised employers • 2 persons who must be nominated by: * Any government department that has an interest in the construction sector and that is not an organised employer * Any interested professional body * Any bargaining council with jurisdiction in the construction sector * Any organisation in a community that has an identifiable interest in skills development in the construction sector.

Function and composition of the Accounting Authority: The Accounting Authority is the highest governing structure within the CETA and its duties include, inter alia: • Governing and managing the CETA in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act, 1999, the Skills Development Act, 1998 and any other applicable legislation • Ensuring that the CETA achieves the objectives contemplated in clause 5 of the Constitution and performs the functions contemplated in clause 6 of the Constitution • Providing effective leadership and ensuring that the CETA implements the goals of the National Skills Development Strategy and Performance Agreement with the Minister of Higher Education and Training • Providing strategic direction for the CETA • Liaising with stakeholders • Ensuring that the CETA complies with the relevant statutory requirements and the requirements of its constitution • Managing institutional risk • Monitoring the performance of the CETA • Ensuring that its members and the members of the committees established by it comply with the Code of Conduct set out in Annexure • of the Constitution.

Required knowledge and experience for nominees: Nominees should ideally have knowledge of and skills and expertise in the following areas: • The functioning of the CETA Accounting Authority with respect to the requirements imposed by the Public Finance Management Act, 2000 and the CETA’s Code of Conduct • Skills development legislative prescripts and the National Skills Development Strategy • The CETA’s responsibility in respect of service delivery • The Sector and constituency represented by the nominee • The strategic leadership of the Accounting Authority • Education, training, skills development and human resource development • Quality assurance of learning provision • General management and business skills • Communication and marketing role of an entity in relation to it stakeholders • Any other areas of expertise relevant to the sector.

Attributes of nominees: • Experience in participating in public governance structures • Experience as a senior ranking official in the organisation • The ability to dedicate time to the activities of the CETA • The ability to participate in the decision-making processes of the CETA • An understanding of the consequences of the decisions made by the Accounting Authority • The ability to share in the accountability as a member of the Accounting Authority • Analytical reasoning abilities • Good communication skills • Integrity.

Collectively, the nominated Accounting Authority must achieve: • Gender representation • Demographic representation • Representation of disadvantaged persons or communities that have been prejudiced by past racial and gender discrimination in relation to skills development programmes • A blend of knowledge skills and experience required for the effective funding of the CETA.

Alternate for members of the Accounting Authority: In terms of clause 8(8), the relevant organisations may nominate an alternate for each member in the same manner as nominations for members.

Material requirements for nominations: • In terms of section 11A of the Act, nominees are precluded from appointment to the Accounting Authority: * Unless he or she is a citizen of and is permanently residing in the Republic * If he or she is subject to an order of a competent court declaring such person to be mentally ill or disordered * If he or she is an employee of the CETA * If he or she is convicted, after the commencement of the Skills Development Amendment Act, 2011, whether in the Republic or elsewhere, of any offence for which such person is sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine * If he or she, at any time prior to the commencement of the Skills Development Amendment Act, 2011, was convicted, or at any time after such commencement, is convicted: (i) In the Republic, of theft, fraud, forgery and uttering a forged document, perjury, or an offence in terms of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1958 (Act 6 of 1958), the Corruption Act, 1992 (Act 94 of 1992), or Part 1 to 4, or section 17, 20 or 21 (in so far as it relates to the aforementioned offences) of Chapter 2 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004 (Act 12 of 2004) (ii) Elsewhere, of any offence corresponding materially with any offence contemplated in subparagraph (i) (iii) Whether in the Republic or elsewhere, of any other offence involving dishonesty (iv) Of an offence under the Act • In terms of section 11C of the Act, a person may not be appointed onto an Accounting Authority, unless the necessary disclosure has been made that such person: * Directly or indirectly, whether personally or through his or her spouse, partner or associate, has a direct or indirect financial interest in the CETA * His or her spouse, partner or associate holds an office in or is employed by any Sector Education and Training Authority, organisation or other body, whether corporate or incorporate, which has a direct or indirect financial interest of the nature contemplated above • In terms of clause 8(6)(b) of the Constitution, any person nominating another person for appointment as a member of the Accounting Authority must take into account the provisions of section 14(4) of the Act.

A letter from the organisation nominating the prospective member(s) and alternate(s), comprehensive curriculum vitae, inclusive of the nominee’s qualifications, experience and expertise must be submitted along with and in respect of any nomination.


Nomination and acceptance of nomination forms can be downloaded from the CETA website: www.ceta.org.za. Nominations must be submitted, by hand or courier, on or before the closing date, to the CETA Head Office by no later than the 31st July 2017 at 11:00am, addressed to: Michelle Govender, CETA, 183 Kerk Street, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685.

All nominations must be submitted by Monday 31 July 2017 and no late nominations will be considered. A recommendation will be made to the Minister of Higher Education and Training for the appointment of the nominees who meet the requirements, for the Minister’s consideration and decision. Once a decision has been made, same will be communicated via the office of the Chief Executive Officer of the CETA as contemplated by clause 8(6)(d) of the Constitution. For any queries regarding the nomination process, please contact: Ms Khomotso Mpandeli on khomotsom@ceta.co.za. A copy of the Act, the Constitution, and the Code of Conduct which govern the nomination process, are available on the CETA website: www.ceta.org.za.

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