M&G IPad Edition

Get the weekly Mail & Guardian on your iPad

The Mail & Guardian is now available on the Apple iPad (1, 2, 3 & 4) every Friday. Get all the stories in the paper before it even hits the streets, as well as extra goodies like videos and slideshows.

I want it! How do I get it?

Step 1: Download the (free) app:

  • Either visit this link from your iPad or your computer (you need iTunes installed in order for it to work correctly).
  • Or search for 'Mail & Guardian' in the App Store on your iPad. Be sure to download our (free) iPad app and NOT our iPhone app (although that is also very good).

Step 2: Subscribe (or buy a single copy)

  • To buy a single copy: Once the app is installed on your iPad, open it touch the edition you'd like to buy, touch the button with the price on it and then supply your iTunes password to complete the purchase 
  • To subscribe:  Once the app is installed on your iPad, open it and look for a red button that reads "Subscribe" (its position changes depending on how you're holding your iPad). Now choose the subscription option that suits you best and touch the appropriate button.

The options are:
R109.99 for 1 month (effective rate: R27.50 per edition)
R219.99 for 2 months (effective rate: R27.50 per edition)
R319.99 for 3 months (effective rate: R26.67 per edition)
R599.99 for 6 months (effective rate: R24.99 per edition)
R1099.99 for 12 months (effective rate: R22.91 per edition)

Once you've subscribed, just touch the Download button next to any edition and it will begin downloading. Within a few minutes you will be reading the M&G on your iPad.

Wait, I have a question!

I thought you said the app was free? What's this "subscribe" business?
The app itself is free to download, but each edition costs R24.99, or quite a bit less if you subscribe (like the paper, it's not free). However we do offer a free trial period on all of our subscriprions. You will get your first edition for free when you subscribe for 1 month, and up to one month free if you subscribe for 6 months.

I am on the American / British / Australian etc. App Store. Can I still buy the M&G?
Yes, definitely. We are available in every App Store on the planet.

I have an Android tablet. Will you be launching an Android edition?
A: Yes, our Android edition is now available. Click here for more details.

I am already a reader, but I need some help.

We're here to help. Try our Frequently asked questions page to see if that solves your problem. If it doesn't then you can contact us here.