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Irvin Jim lays xenophobia at ANC’s door

The failure by ANC make fundamental changes to the economy is at the heart of xenophobic violence, said Numsa's Irvin Jim

Irvin Jim: Numsa leaving Cosatu is on the table

Following the leaking of a document about Numsa's decision to leave Cosatu, Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim says the option is being discussed.

Irvin Jim’s fervour is lost on the alliance

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa comes from a worker-centred tradition that puts it on a collision course with the ANC.

Cosatu face-off: Frans Baleni versus Irvin Jim

The M&G spoke to NUM's general secretary Frans Baleni and Numsa's general secretary Irvin Jim about the ongoing tensions within the federation.

Irvin Jim ‘assassination plot’ sparks conspiracy speculation

The supposed intimidation of Numsa's Irvin Jim at the SACP conference has given rise to new claims of conspiracy and allegations of abuse of power.

Intimidation of Irvin Jim might be because of Numsa’s views

Numsa's call for the nationalisation of mines is a call that makes all types of people angry, says the union's president Cedric Gina.

Q&A: Numsa’s Irvin Jim speaks to M&G

Matuma Letsoalo spoke to Numsa's Irvin Jim on some of the union's resolutions that could affect the outcome of the upcoming ANC policy conference.

Irvin Jim asks for VIP police protection

Numsa is convinced Irvin Jim's leadership ambition is placing his life in danger.

‘What Freedom Charter are they reading?’ asks Irvin Jim

New faces of militancy in Cosatu have emerged following the expulsion of Willie Madisha.

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