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Q&A Sessions: Meet Cathy Dreyer, the rhino whisperer

Cathy Dreyer, the first female head ranger of the Kruger National Park, speaks to Sheree Bega about earning the trust of black rhinos by reading to them and why the park’s hard-working rangers deserve the admiration of all South Africans

Court judgment about alien fish is about more than trout wars

Judge finds that public participation in democratic processes is not the exclusive preserve of the privileged few who have access to the internet and can read English

NOMINATE NOW: M&G Greening the Future Awards 2021

Celebrating collaborative initiatives for the management of climate change.

Record number of land and environmental defenders killed globally in 2020

In South Africa, environmental activist Fikile Ntshangase and police detective Leroy Bruwer were killed

One in three trees in the world face extinction

Some species have fewer than 50 individuals left in the wild and in South Africa, 6% of its species are threatened

Animals dying to ‘beat the heat’

Scientists can forecast how vulnerable species are to climate change using the right tools

It’s time to add ecocide to the list of international crimes

An international panel of lawyers is asking the International Criminal Court to do just that

Climate crisis a threat to bird species

Changes in agriculture will affect blue cranes and heat stress will harm Cape rockjumpers that are already found at higher altitudes

‘I was hit by an adult bull buffalo’: An interview with Kruger National Park veterinary technologist Tebogo Manamela

Tebogo Manamela talks to Lucas Ledwaba about helping to preserve Africa’s heritage and the rewards of working with – and sometimes being attacked by – animals at the Kruger National Park

SA hydrogen energy development poised to unlock investment

The Minerals Council which represents about 90% of the industry, said the country’s hydrogen opportunities were a game changer

Climate change a ‘collective trauma of potentially epic proportions’ for South Africa

The effects of global warming are negatively affecting mental well-being and will only accelerate in the future, according to a new report

A ‘cancer causing’ herbicide has been found in South Africa’s bread and flour

About half of South Africa's maize crop and 100% of the soya crop is genetically modified — it’s grown with the use of glyphosate. But Bayer South Africa disagrees that it causes cancer

SA delegates to quarantine in Glasgow amid calls for COP26 postponement

Eligible COP26 attendees are expected to receive their UK-sponsored Covid-19 jabs this week, but the Climate Action Network says it is too late

Children increasingly at risk from climate crisis

Children are more vulnerable than adults for a number of reasons including an increased risk of death

Karpowerships plead their case, but environmentalist argue SA doesn’t need powerships

The powerships will be more expensive for consumers than wind and solar energy and isn’t required for reliable electricity generation

Will a price tag on nature help business to value the planet?

Critics say putting a value on something does not equate to protecting it

‘Tap into groundwater – with care’

The Southern African region has vast groundwater resources, but only 1.5% is being used

Ocean climate changes a threat to sea life

The world’s seas have absorbed about a third of all carbon pollution produced since the Industrial Revolution