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MAIL & GUARDIAN: Environment

‘Who will feed my children if these powerships chase the fish away?’

Final EIAs for controversial Karpowership projects submitted to environment minister Barbara Creecy

SA one of 48 countries implicated in illegal trade of hippo ivory

A report by wildlife-trade specialists Traffic says a hippo census should be conducted to establish the sustainability of the trade

Sewage poisons the Vaal River

‘We don’t just wear masks because of Covid-19 — it’s because of all this shit’

Khoikhoi versus US giant Amazon

The controversial River Club development gets the go-ahead, but opponents say they are heading for court

Thirsty alien eucalyptuses get the chop

The trees are being felled along the Breede River and the biomass sold back to their native Australia

Top climate scientist, Bob Scholes, has died

Scholes ‘a giant in the field of climate science’ - Wits University

Critically endangered blue whale washes up in Walvis Bay

First-ever recorded stranding in more than 30 years in Namibia, South Africa and probably the continent

Pursuing fossil fuels in Kavango Basin a ‘stupid bet’

Opponents also label Canadian oil and gas company’s announcement of working petroleum system in Namibia as premature

Big week for climate change commitments

The ambitious targets are not set in stone until they are deposited at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change later this year, while legislative processes vary between countries that have stated their mitigation

South Africa passes ‘grim milestone’ after extreme heat kills off birds, bats

Mass November die-off in KZN is a sign of how global heating is affecting small animals, researchers warn

Activist group lauds Nedbank for best climate commitment by an SA bank

The bank has received praise for setting a more ambitious climate policy than other major local banks, targeting zero fossil fuel exposure by 2045

Bird flu outbreak puts poultry industry in jeopardy

Avian flu has been confirmed on two farms in Gauteng and one in North West

South Africa’s planned harmful gas limits ‘off target’

South Africa’s latest proposed reduction targets on greenhouse gas emissions, while an improvement on before, do not go far enough to avert a disastrous rise in global temperatures this century.

Skukuza court closure was like a ‘knife in the back’ of rangers

South Africa’s flagship wildlife-poaching court reopens in Skukuza after being shut for a year

South Africa’s potential to expand tree cover as a climate mitigation tool

Should Africa’s largest emitter rely on tree planting initiatives to mitigate?

IMF launches interactive climate dashboard

South Africa’s climate change transition risk is 5.6 on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the highest

Climate change threatens survival of endemic species the most

If Earth warms by 3°C, a third of species living on land and about half of endemic marine species will become extinct

Wits in a climate hot spot

The university says it provides a platform for multiple voices to be heard on any issue, including that of a climate denialist

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