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South Africa’s planned harmful gas limits ‘off target’

South Africa’s latest proposed reduction targets on greenhouse gas emissions, while an improvement on before, do not go far enough to avert a disastrous rise in global temperatures this century.

Skukuza Court closure was like a “knife in the back” of rangers

South Africa’s flagship wildlife-poaching court reopens in Skukuza after being shut for a year

South Africa’s potential to expand tree cover as a climate mitigation tool

Should Africa’s largest emitter rely on tree planting initiatives to mitigate?

IMF launches interactive climate dashboard

South Africa’s climate change transition risk is 5.6 on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the highest

Climate change threatens survival of endemic species the most

If Earth warms by 3°C, a third of species living on land and about half of endemic marine species will become extinct

Wits in a climate hot spot

The university says it provides a platform for multiple voices to be heard on any issue, including that of a climate denialist

Carbon dioxide, methane levels surge despite Covid-19 lockdowns

Carbon dioxide levels are now higher than at any time in past 3.6-million years

Environmental organisations demand halt to unnecessary plastic production

NGOs are calling on the department of environment to introduce stricter measures for companies manufacturing and using plastic products

Eskom can be a key player in SA’s transition to renewable energy, a new report finds

With a good business model, the power utility can move to reliable, cost-effective clean energy, says the International Institute for Sustainable Development

South Africa will miss UN’s clean water targets

Mismanagement, pollution and a water deficit exacerbated by climate change are to blame

Powerships ‘a climate threat’

The decision to use Turkey’s floating power plants locks the country into fossil fuels for 20 years

Calling all creatives: Biodiversity needs a global advertising campaign

Marketing experts need to apply the human behaviour-change techniques they have mastered to convince everyone to start looking after the Earth

Are our initiation rituals getting too hot to handle?

Global warming may force changes in some South African outdoor initiation ceremonies, as record heat poses risks for the summer season

Plastic pollution a huge threat to marginalised groups, UN report finds

Industrialised nations often ship their waste to poorer countries under the premise of recyclability, fuelling industries that harm local populations

South Africa tops G20 coal-reliance list in 2020, report finds

In 2020, 86% of South Africa’s electricity came from coal, compared to the global average of 34%, Global Electricity Review research shows

Poaching is wiping out Africa’s elephants

Forest elephants are on the brink of extinction and savanna elephants are now classified as endangered

High levels of climate warming could shrink range of wild-harvested food plants

In a recent study, the authors examined the climate change risk to 1 190 species used by 19 indigenous language groups in Southern Africa

‘It’s absolutely terrifying to be a whistleblower in Sasol’

A criminal investigation into the petrol giant is under way based on Ian Erasmus’s evidence that the company allegedly polluted the Vaal with hazardous chemicals

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