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Greenpeace investigation exposes countries trying to dilute climate report

Greenpeace team says it has obtained leaked records of countries asking scientists to water down upcoming scientific report on climate change

Top greenhouse gas emitter South Africa earns kudos for new protection measures

The Healthy NDCs Scorecard has recognised South Africa’s efforts in revising its nationally determined contributions to mitigate climate change

It’s safe to open the beaches, says UPL after chemical spill in July riots

Agrochemical producer UPL said it has paid R250-million in chemical spill clean-up

Bird flu outbreak on Dyer Island causing mass deaths

The island hosts the vulnerable African penguins, endangered bank cormorant and roseate tern

Countries bear cross-border responsibility for harmful effects of climate change, rules UN child rights committee

The UN committee has been accused of ‘turning its back’ on the children who filed a groundbreaking legal complaint with it against five countries

The ANC, DA and EFF ‘oblivious’ to climate crisis — Climate Justice Charter Movement

The Climate Justice Charter Movement has critiqued the manifestos of the main parties contesting the local government elections and found them ‘shallow’

Kunming Declaration on biodiversity: A show of political will that lacks targets

More than 100 countries pledged to better protect nature at UN biodiversity talks last week

New electronic waste management regulations will take effect in November

Producers and importers of electronic goods will be legally responsible for end-of-life management of their products from 5 November

COP26 touted to resolve long standing issues on climate debt

Only 16% of losses in South Africa from weather-related disasters in the past four decades were covered by insurers, leaving governments and communities unable to build back

Conservation boosts cattle farmers

By adopting sound grazing practices livestock owners get access to markets in a foot-and-mouth disease red zone near the Kruger National Park

Congo Basin: Earth’s African ‘lung’ is it most resilient

The Congo Basin – the world’s second-biggest rainforest – resists extreme heat and drought and deserves the spotlight at COP26

‘Fingerprints of climate change are everywhere’

There's still there hope that COP26 will deliver a powerful pact for action

Trio shares Nobel prize for groundbreaking climate science over 60 years

Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi have been announced as the joint winners

After 60 years, cheetahs return to Maputo Special Reserve

Historic conservation milestone for rewilding project in Mozambique

Election manifestos: ‘The environment will remain a loser’ under ANC, DA, EFF

Addressing climate change is largely absent in the three major parties’ election manifestos

Human rights must be at the heart of global biodiversity framework

The UN special rapporteur on human rights and environment says conservation doesn’t mean ‘pristine wilderness’, free from human inhabitants

Eastern Cape preschool affected by toxic environment

A dumping site near the school is hazardous to pupils, who are forced into hot, crowded classrooms often targeted by criminals. The municipality says it cannot help

Searching for South Africa’s ‘lost sharks’ to save them from extinction

Many may be vanishing before our eyes without anyone paying significant attention