Maasai land in Tanzania earmarked for UAE royals

Protracted effort by authorities to evict the pastoralists in Loliondo for safari tourism has led to violent confrontation

Race to save Limpopo’s magical Mutavhatsindi tree

For the first time, conservation team have now successfully propagated critically endangered species

How birds adapt to rising heat is an early warning on climate change effects

Birds living in hot, humid climates have evolved to handle larger spikes in body temperature

Why a just energy transition requires seismic surveying

Careful balancing of the pros and cons of seismic surveys show the harm is not worth the lost income that could alleviate hunger and poverty

Eskom: Mpumalanga a renewable energy hub

The province at the polluting heart of energy production has good wind and solar resources and can use the grid as coal-fired power stations are decommissioned

Nelson Mandela Bay metro ‘failed to act on water crisis’

The dam levels have been low for years, the canal transferring water from the Orange River Project to the storage dam was not repaired and the metro rejected help from the state

Soaring cost of living overshadows climate change talks

The costs of climate change damages are rising exponentially. Who will pay?

All hands to the pump as Nelson Mandela Bay edges to Day Zero

Gift of the Givers has started drilling boreholes, while Business Chamber members will help repair leaks

Heed the youth on climate change

To force a climate breakthrough, leaders must listen to and promote the stories of young people

Quantum leap: Electric minibus taxis could soon be a SA reality

The first vehicle of its kind in the country will arrive by the end of this year and it will be rigorously tested under local conditions

Rate of ‘catastrophic’ mining waste failures rising across the planet

Nineteen serious tailings dams failures predicted globally by 2027

Water rationing may become the new normal

Water is treated as if it is an infinite resource but it is a false perception of abundance

How to solve the Eskom headache in your home

Load-shedding and electricity prices are projected to double in next five years

Big stink: Task team to investigate sulphur smell that choked parts of Gauteng, North West

Preliminary results show significantly elevated levels of hydrogen sulphide around the Irene monitoring station in Centurion on 7 June

Thirsty days ahead: Day Zero imminent for Nelson Mandela Bay

The Impofu Dam will run dry in six days and the Churchill Dam will be empty 15 days

Joburg’s big stink can lead to headaches and nausea

Sasol has said the levels of sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide were below the limits prescribed by its atmospheric emissions licences

What’s that smell? The legacy of polluted air floating into Gauteng

The province may be in for a heavy stench as the winds blow in from Mpumalanga. The M&G looks back at the events that contributed to this state of affairs

SA’s poorly-documented mountains are vital water towers for millions of people

They also boast exceptional biodiversity but invasive species, overgrazing and climate change are destroying them with dreadful consequences