Informal waste collection shouldn’t let plastic polluters off the hook

The image of plastic recycling as the solution to plastic pollution is perpetuated by statistics that highlight successes, which are communicated in tonnes and percentages that are difficult to visualise.

Africa’s first green school ‘cultivates a love of nature’

The Paarl campus of Green School South Africa uses solar power and climate-smart water management systems.

St Lucia Lake fisher community say they are not ‘poachers’

KwaNibela residents rely on the fish and reeds they harvest within the protected iSimangaliso Wetland Park. But authorities consider this poaching, threatening the community’s lives and livelihoods.

Seismic surveys on West Coast pose threat to small-scale fishers’ livelihoods and culture

They are worried about the effect of blasting on the snoek fishery, which is the basis of their income

Freedom of speech wins over right to privacy in court battle over unethical wildlife killings

The supreme court of appeal says an animal rights activist had the right to ‘out’ a farmer on Facebook.

Science’s burning questions about the Okavango River Basin are answered

Discoveries by the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project underscore the importance of the upper Okavango catchment in Angola, whose rivers and source lakes sustain the Okavango Delta

Battlelines drawn over new seismic survey on the West Coast

The Legal Resources Centre and Richard Spoor Attorneys are heading to court for urgent interdict against Searcher Seismic, an Australian exploration outfit

UK decision to ban trophy-hunting imports disregards South Africa’s conservation success, government says

Animal rights groups say trophy hunting is unsustainable in sub-Saharan Africa, but research finds a ban on imports could have negative socioeconomic consequences

Cycads are being ‘loved to death’ in South Africa

The plants are seen as a status symbol by wealthy local and international collectors, which drives the lucrative and well-organised illicit trade

Snap a butterfly and Whatsapp it to global census

Butterfly and moth species, which are indicators of change in ecosystems, are declining with some becoming extinct.

Former quarry turned into haven for endangered UK birds

With its reedbed wetlands, the marshy plain of the Fens near Cambridge has become an attractive habitat for the bittern, which was, until 2015, on the United Kingdom’s red list of most-threatened species.

Giraffes stick their survival necks out

New assessment puts their numbers in Africa at more than 117 000, up by 20% since 2015.

Climate risks remain a global concern in 2022

WWF says the Global Risks Report is a wake-up call for world leaders and business to make the necessary changes to reduce the crisis

Germany to speed up green energy projects in ‘gigantic’ effort

Germany's Climate and Energy minister Robert Habeck on Tuesday pledged to drastically ramp up renewable energy projects in the coming years

‘I want my life back and I will have justice’ – Sasol whistleblower

The department of forestry, fisheries and the environment has finalised its criminal investigation into the petrochemical company’s alleged industrial pollution of the Vaal River.

Environment department slammed for suspending regulations on trade in hazardous chemicals

South Africa has ‘no real gumption’ when it comes to making tough decisions to protect the environment, says UCT academic

Zoonotic viruses: Protect bats to protect people

Bats are potential carriers of zoonotic viruses and the destruction of their environment spells danger for humans.

Private climate funding is the next finance bubble

Evidence suggests that green lending to reduce developing countries' CO2 emissions displays all the pathologies associated with financial manias.

‘Times are urgent, let’s slow down’: The groundswell against Shell

Even a country with citizens as fractious and fractured as South Africa is showing signs of unity to save the sea off the Wild Coast.