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Why it’s so hard to prosecute wildlife crimes: Lessons from Tanzania

Major poaching cases are collapsing thanks to poor policing training, lapses in procedure and unusual discretion involved in sentencing

Plan to uproot 100 000 trees in Limpopo ‘sacrilege’, says baobab expert

Relocating ancient trees such as the baobab is possible but comes at a cost to its micro-habitat

A South African solution for better drinking water

Solar-powered purifier removes bad taste and smells from wastewater

Climate change slightly more of a priority for chief executives, says Pwc survey

But 27% of the chief executives canvassed report being ‘not concerned at all’ or ‘not very concerned’ about climate change

Covid-19 effects undermine nature conservation efforts

Wildlife rangers are out of work and reduced patrols abet poaching

Musina-Makhado SEZ: ‘We don’t want Limpopo Valley to turn into industrial wasteland’

The government should find a less environmentally sensitive site for the special economic zone, especially if water can’t be secured, EIA report finds

South Africa’s freshwater fish face extinction

A third of our freshwater fish are dying out due to climate change and invasive species.

Desalination will relieve arid SA, but it’s too expensive

Renewable energy would lower operating costs, while more and bigger plants would drive down infrastructure expenditure

ArcelorMittal is ‘slowly becoming a burial site’

After the deaths of three employees who got trapped in a control room, workers allege that management frequently coerces them to bypass health and safety procedures

Stop oil and gas drilling in Namibia’s Kavango Basin immediately — Anglican Church

Thirty-four bishops and three archbishops decry exploratory drilling as a ‘sin’ against the Earth

South Africa to get another commission, this one to tackle the climate crisis

A higher carbon tax will be introduced in 2023 for companies with dangerous levels of greenhouse gas emissions

A Gauteng firm is using bioplastics to limit microplastics

Humans eat, drink and breathe in tens of thousands of micro- and nanoplastics, but research into the effects on health is limited

Mpumalanga, Western Cape don’t comply with threatened and protected species rules

The provinces cite limited capacity and funds to implement the regulations

Feathers fly over proposed wind farm’s impacts on great white pelicans

The project poses a risk to declining great white pelican population at Dassen Island

‘Extreme’ tactics and lockdown buy rhino more time

The Rockwood Conservation reserve boasts zero poaching incidents in six years and its breeding project is successful, but costly

Property developers slap Jo’burg environmentalist and conservancy with R197m lawsuit

Century Property Developments and Riversands Developments are suing for income they have allegedly lost because of objections raised

Turn off your Zoom video and help the planet

The pandemic has forced us indoors and using more data than ever before, putting more strain on the environment

Pangolins pushed to the brink of extinction

The trafficking of scales is no longer a ‘niche’ criminal activity, but a serious and organised crime that threatens to make all eight species extinct within 20 years

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