Catastrophic climate change will affect the poorest – Climate commission

As a result of its over reliance on coal fired power, the energy transition is set to be a monumental shift for provinces — Mpumalanga in particular — where the local economy is driven by the coal value chain

Shell seismic ops: ‘Our ancestors’ blood was spilt protecting the land and sea’

Communities along the Wild Coast have approached the high court in Makhanda for an urgent interdict to stop Shell from initiating seismic survey operations

Disposable masks are the latest pollution problem

Waste management institute says we should wear reusable masks and learn how to responsibly dispose of old masks

Lethal remedy: Concern over African trade in traditional Chinese medicine that contains threatened species

The Environmental Investigation Agency, an international NGO, says growing demand is a prescription for disaster for some endangered animals such as leopards, pangolins and rhinos

Following the wildlife traffickers’ money

The illegal wildlife trade is one of the most profitable criminal enterprises worldwide, but only recently has the focus shifted to investigating its financial flows

Shell gets go-ahead to proceed with seismic blasting on the Wild Coast

The high court refuses to interdict seismic survey on the basis that ‘irreparable harm’ to marine species not proved

Animal welfare bill being developed in isolation

Two government departments are working separately and animal rights groups are not being consulted, concerned groups say

Urgent interdict filed to block Shell’s Wild Coast seismic survey

Shell’s 3D seismic survey is set to begin on Wednesday. But a high court application brought by rights groups to block it will be heard as an urgent matter on Tuesday

SANParks shifts to solar and spekboom

Solar-generated pumps are pumping larger volumes of water for wildlife than diesel used to, and spekboom is helping offset carbon emissions

The Mozambican criminal who escaped from South African prisons, twice

A rhino-poaching suspect, who recently escaped from police custody, has been identified as a criminal who was serving multiple life sentences when he broke out of prison last year

South Africa’s newest national park will be in an agricultural landscape

People living on communal land and commercial farmers can incorporate their land into the new park and benefit from financial incentives

Shell’s Wild Coast exploration draws mounting public ire

Shell SA chair surprised by the scale of opposition to its planned 3D seismic survey

The post-COP26 state of coal

Environmental organisations say that COP26 ended with ​​90 new coal power projects, worth a total of 88GW, are likely to be cancelled

‘Nature not designed for seismic blasting’ – marine expert

Shell has appointed Shearwater GeoServices to conduct a three-dimensional offshore seismic survey from Morgan Bay to Port St Johns

Poaching moves to cattle as SANParks communities plead for help

Villages that neighbour the Kruger National Park face the terrors of armed stock thieves and poachers who are involved in cross-border crime

Hemp permit process to litmus test cannabis sector inclusivity

The declaration of hemp as an agricultural crop now allows importation, exportation, cultivation, sale and research of hemp in South Africa

Ropeless fishing reduces whale entanglements, UCT study finds

Bryde’s whales are particularly vulnerable to entanglements in trap fishing ropes because of their ability to dive deep and fast to catch their food, but a new technology could keep them safe