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Keep fracking out of the Kalahari Desert’s Kavango Basin – activists

Civil society groups have called on Namibia’s agriculture, water and forestry minister to immediately stop a Canadian company from prospecting

Rush for Africa’s marine species to feed demand in Asia

The booming, lucrative and often illicit trade in sea cucumbers, seahorses and fish maws threatens species and coastal communities

Gauteng’s most vital resource irreparably damaged – SAHRC

Commission’s long-awaited report into Vaal sewage crisis finds widespread non-compliance by the government

Government passed the buck on Vaal pollution for too long —panel

The Human Rights Commission’s report on the river’s sewage crisis reveals the lawlessness of the state

Water reserve loses ground to coal mine

Despite the state’s commitments to protecting water sources, an MEC is exploiting a loophole to allow a mine linked to the Zuma family to proceed

Sasol plant to be investigated for the air pollution blanketing Gauteng

Environment department confirms it is inspecting Secunda, with the petrochemical plant operating under ‘stressed conditions’

Outdoor workers wilt in rising heat

Climate change means hats are crucial personal protective equipment now – and work hours must become flexible

Why we need the Blue and Green Drop reports: ‘Everyone in SA lives downstream from a sewage discharge point’

The last reports were in 2014 but were stopped probably because the results were too shocking to be publicised, water experts say

State pushes ahead with its toxic zone

The controversial Musina-Makhando initiative will pollute air and water, push climate change and produce dangerous quantities of hazardous waste

‘We’re fighting to breathe clean air’

The state has filed its opposition to the Deadly Air case, with the environment minister claiming no causal link can be found between air pollution and ill health

Okavango Delta under threat from oil, gas exploration

San leaders decry Canadian “climate-wrecking” oil and gas project in Namibia, Botswana

Sona 2021: Ramaphosa accords the climate crisis only a cursory nod

Country can’t lose sight of the threat climate change poses, President Ramaphosa says.

High court gives Australian mining company a big SLAP(P)

The judge ruled that corporations should not be allowed to use the legal system against citizens and activists

One in five deaths are due to fossil fuel air pollution

Researchers of a new study hope policymakers will consider the health benefits of alternative energy solutions

Engen refuses to engage with Durban’s blast affected community

Years of poor maintenance at Engen’s Durban plant caused pollution and December explosion

Kruger loses 70% of rhinos in 10 years

The good news is that the drought has eased, poaching is down and the environment department is now not only focusing on the poachers but is going after crime syndicates

Dam levels in Northern Cape rise as cyclone Eloise dies out, hot weather expected again

The drought-stricken Northern Cape experienced some relief as heavy rainfall caused rivers and dams to overflow

Nigerian farmers hail Shell ruling, but future remains uncertain

A Dutch court has ordered the energy company’s Nigerian subsidiary to pay farmers compensation over oil spills

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