Facebook is a ‘major enabler’ of illegal trade in wildlife

An Avaaz Investigation shows how its algorithms drag casual users into international wildlife trafficking rabbit hole

Investors and startups are focusing on green, sustainable businesses

In South Africa and abroad it is renewable energy, new environmental-friendly technologies and materials, as well as goods and services that are attracting attention

Durban’s future: Storms, intense and more frequent flooding

Climate projections show that the eThekwini metro will receive more rain by 2050 that could fall in brief periods

Manufacturers lose court battle over ban on drone fishing

Department says drone angling is illegal, is a threat to imperilled fish and sharks and small scale fisher livelihoods

KwaZulu-Natal premier slammed for withholding report on rhino carnage

At least 70 rhinos have been killed in in Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park in the three months from January to March this year

God is an environmentalist, says South Africa’s ‘green bishop’

God is the creator, the greatest sin is extinction of species and profit is driving our destruction, says Bishop Geoff Davies

Insect army winning fight against invasive water hyacinth

The coverage of the invasive superweed has been reduced to 12.5% from 40% in February

Environment minister appeals portions of landmark ‘Deadly Air’ judgment

Barbara Creecy says her appeal ‘boils down to a question of law’

Western Cape government appeals Amazon HQ judgment halting construction

Head of local government, environmental affairs and development planning Anton Bredell says judgment contains ‘number of errors’

Dead fish found in stream near Sasol’s Secunda plant

Company says ‘no conclusive evidence’ on whether the Secunda operation’s activities and the observed dead fish are related

Why gas-fired power will be a ‘costly mistake’ for South Africa

Wind and solar farms in South Africa are 57% cheaper than gas plants for bulk electricity supply according to research.

African elephants use ‘pachyderm perfume’ to send messages to each other

And the giant mammals are highly proficient at tracking the scent of specific humans, even differentiating between people of the same family

It’s ‘now or never’ to avoid worst effects of climate change

A United Nation report says it’s still possible to restrict warming to below 1.5°C, but this requires substantial, sector-wide effort immediately

SA’s dismal state of wastewater management

The Green Drop 2022 report, the first since 2013, reflects a serious deterioration in the management of wastewater treatment plants

Climate justice requires women’s leadership

Only a third of leadership positions in climate-change negotiations are held by women, even though women are the most vulnerable to the worst effects of global warming

New lease on life for Munu, the blind black rhino

A rare black rhino is being cared for at the Mantis Founders Lodge after he was found to be blind. Conservationists view Munu as ‘a symbol of hope’ against poaching

Rethink needed on subsidies harmful to nature

The COP15 biodiversity summit in China will assess subsidies that promote unsustainable levels of production such as in the fossil fuel, fishing and agriculture sectors

Climate change plans ‘fail to tackle invasive species’

A new study has found a lack of co-ordinated policy response to these interconnected issues