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Gates and Slim launch agricultural research centre to aid food security

Carlos Slim and Bill Gates, the two richest men on the planet, have inaugurated a new agricultural research center outside Mexico's capital.

SA puts halt on total ban on rhino trophy exports

South Africa has announced its opposition to a total ban on rhino trophy exports, saying it has beefed up hunt rules.

Research reveals bonobo apes hug after a fight

Bonobos, one of our closest relatives, comfort their best friends and family after a fight.

Solar-everything will power your life

The breakneck speed of development in photovoltaic technology means that soon every surface will be generating energy.

Green organisations allege Eskom spying

Power utility Eskom spied on the activities of green organisations in the country, claims Earthlife Africa and Greenpeace.

Green growth could give SA competitive advantage

By embracing a cleaner energy path not only will the country be able to catapult ahead of others, but it will also be able to create jobs.

Water affairs without a director general, again

The exact status of its regular director general, Maxwell Sirenya, is unclear. Reports swing between his being fired and resigning.

Sea urchins could save the world

In an accidental discovery, scientists have found that sea urchins could provide a cheap and sustainable solution to carbon emissions.

Amakhosi and conservationists in KZN face off over dune mining

White residents fear mining will ruin their ecovillage, but their black neighbours want the jobs it will bring. Jonathan Erasmus reports.

City councillor says Cape Town is almost baboon free

About 95% of baboons have been kept out Cape Town since August, says a city councillor.

Paper producer stops logging in Indonesia after green activism

The world's third-largest paper producer Asia Pulp and Paper says it has stopped using logs from Indonesia's natural forests.

Heavy metal is behind crime

Correlation between exposure to lead and violence is being taken seriously across scientific world.

Tyre recycling plan gets go-ahead

An urgent court application to stop the country's tyre recycling initiative has been dismissed, paving the way for operations to start.

Hydroelectric dams could threaten the ‘Grand Canyon of the east’

Dams on the Salween River could damage ecosystems, displace people and lead to potentially catastrophic seismic events, warn environmental groups.

Namibia offers model to tackle poaching scourge

Faced with poachers who are ravaging elephant and rhino populations, African nations could do worse than look to Namibia for a game plan.

10 000 crocodiles still on the loose in South Africa

Police have been asked to join the hunt for as many as 10 000 crocodiles that escaped from a farm during floods, say officials.

Medupi sand mining put to an end

Compliance notices have been issued against sand miners in Lephalale. Their operations must now stop or they will face legal action.

Investors gamble by ignoring climate constraints

Actuarial scientists could lead the world's economies down a catastrophic path if they ignore future resource constraints, driven by climate change.

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