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Antarctic exploratory drilling halted

An ambitious British plan to search for minute forms of life in an ancient lake beneath Antarctica's ice has been suspended due to technical problems.

Deadliest year yet for Africa’s rhinos and elephants

Africa's rhinos and elephants have been poached in near record numbers in 2012, with surging demand for horn and ivory driving the slaughter.

There goes the neighbourhood…and here comes nuclear

What happens when government plans to build a nuclear plant in your hometown? Lionel Faull went to the Eastern Cape to find out.

The closing of Tygerberg Zoo

Tygerberg Zoo, in the Western Cape, became the latest casualty in the changing nature of conservation, writes Sean O'Toole.

Norway plans to put brakes on deforestation

Norway has announced plans to step up its efforts as part of "first aid" to slow climate change.

SPCA to investigate military horses in ‘bad condition’

The SPCA has obtained a North Gauteng High Court order to allow it to investigate the wellbeing of horses owned by 12 SA Infantry Battalion.

Major General joins fight against rhino poaching

A retired army officer has been roped in to help fight rhino poaching.

South Africa signs rhino deal with Vietnam

Local rhinos have been thrown a lifeline with a memorandum of understanding signed between Vietnam and South Africa.

COP 18 talks go into extra time

The UN climate talks in Doha have yet to produce a deal the day after their scheduled close, with negotiators locked in a stand-off about funding.

What does it mean to be sustainable in a climate-changed world?

Adaptation is woefully lacking among South African businesses as the scale of climate change impact grows, writes Dr Alec Joubert.

Two degrees spell drought and death

With reports saying the world's temperature could rise by 2C, what does this mean for South Africa?

COP 18 running out of time but left with many issues to resolve

COP 18 started with minimal expectations, but after 11 days of negotiations, the big issues are still to be resolved

Experts alarmed by dramatic increase in elephant killings

While South Africa is battling rhino poaching, it seems to be escaping the continental elephant purge. But not for long, writes Sipho Kings.

Lion population under threat in Africa

The lions that roam Africa have lost as much as 75% of their habitat as their population dwindles and humans overtake their land.

Specialised aircraft joins fight to save SA’s rhinos

A new, state-of-the-art surveillance aircraft represents a vital alliance between the public and private sector in the fight against rhino poaching.

Grim prospect of living in a world that’s 4C warmer

The World Bank has offered a sobering look at a world where temperatures are allowed to increase past the 4 degrees Celsius mark.

Experts call for innovation as water crisis looms

Gauteng will face serious water problems by 2015 if innovative measures are not implemented to conserve water and bring more into the province.

Table Mountain named new wonder of nature

Table Mountain has been inaugurated as one of the new seven wonders of nature at a ceremony held at the foot of the mountain.

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