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Catch 60 rats – win a phone

At night, the rubbish dumps of Alexandra come to life as rivers of rats come out of their holes they are the perfect breeding ground for rodents.

Environmental activists detained outside Eskom’s headquarters

Fourteen environmental activists have been detained after protesting against electricity tariff increases and Eskom's reliance on coal power.

Dung beetles rolling to be cool

Researchers say dung beetles climb onto their dung balls to cool their feet in the midday sun.

Sanitation plan goes down the drain in Khayelitsha

Cape Town is revising a pioneering programme that was meant to maintain and keep toilets clean and provide jobs.

Fossil-fuel industry a grim reaper

Fifteen thousand South Africans are dying every year because of an economy based on burning fossil fuels.

Academics look for solutions to provide clean water

For the 10% of South Africans that do not have access to piped water, diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases are life-threatening.

A Chinese farm in Africa

Chinese farmers are moving away from their small fields at home and see Africa as the land of potential, writes Lila Buckley.

Tyre industry gets to grips with recycling

Court puts a spoke in producers' wheel by agreeing that they are responsible for their products' waste.

‘Tiger man’ Varty issues rhino horn challenge

"Tiger Man" John Varty has suggested that breeders should defy the government's trade ban and stage a high-profile global auction of horns.

Segorong community ousted to make way for mine expansion

The mining must go ahead. Its pincers are tearing into a community that happens to live on top of land that holds precious minerals.

Shark conservation plan in the balance at landmark talks

A ban on shark finning and the adoption of a global shark conservation plan is being sought at a meeting of more than 50 countries in Bonn this week.

China takes a huge step in reducing carbon emissions

China has agreed to work with the EU to create its own carbon trading system. This will create a large pool of funding for sustainable development.

Climate change is already damaging global economy

A report has found the economic impact of global warming is costing the world more than $1.2-trillion a year, wiping 1.6% annually from global GDP.

Wildlife expert mauled in leopard attack

A wildlife expert employed by the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency is recovering in the Nelspruit Mediclinic after being savaged by a leopard.

Russia won’t cut emissions under extended Kyoto climate pact

Russia has confirmed it will not make cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from 2013 under the UN's Kyoto Protocol, joining Canada and Japan.

The expendables? Most endangered species listed

Scientists ask whether humans care only for species from which they can extract benefit, and dismiss the rest as "worthless".

Shell criticised for limited drill testing in Alaska

Greenpeace says the oil company used "stock-car race" recklessness in testing its capping stack to prevent a Gulf of Mexico-style blowout.

Caribbean coral reefs on the verge of collapse

With less than 10% of the Caribbean's reefs showing live coral cover, one of the world's most important ecosystems is in danger of utter devastation.

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