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Specialised aircraft joins fight to save SA’s rhinos

A new, state-of-the-art surveillance aircraft represents a vital alliance between the public and private sector in the fight against rhino poaching.

Grim prospect of living in a world that’s 4C warmer

The World Bank has offered a sobering look at a world where temperatures are allowed to increase past the 4 degrees Celsius mark.

Experts call for innovation as water crisis looms

Gauteng will face serious water problems by 2015 if innovative measures are not implemented to conserve water and bring more into the province.

Table Mountain named new wonder of nature

Table Mountain has been inaugurated as one of the new seven wonders of nature at a ceremony held at the foot of the mountain.

Basic countries push for extension of Kyoto Protocol

But several major signatories are refusing to expand emissions cuts when the agreement expires, writes Fiona Macleod.

Kyoto battlelines drawn at COP 18

Climate talks got down to the nitty-gritty in Doha as developing countries and the EU staked out rival positions on the fate of the Kyoto Protocol.

COP 18 – Critical but not spectacular

COP 18 comes with low expectations, but it is critical to put the nuts and bolts together for a global climate change agreement.

Storm-chaser seeks beauty in drama

An intrepid local photographer, Des Jacobs is hooked on snapping nature's own fireworks. Sipho Kings spoke to him.

SA companies come out tops in Carbon Disclosure Project

Local companies are matching the world's best in declaring their carbon emissions, and doing something about them.

Rhino poaching: Army considered

The SA National Defence Force could be called in to help prevent rhino poaching in North West, premier Thandi Modise said on Monday.

Access to adequate toilets hindered by blockages in the system

On World Toilet Day, 2.5-billion people sit without access to adequate sanitation. A child dies every 15 seconds as a result.

Commodifying carbon a real option

The solution to widespread carbon dioxide emissions is to turn the gas into a commodity, experts say. And it can be done with available technology.

Rhino poaching ‘could reach new high’

The number of rhinos poached this month could hit a new high despite the best efforts of authorities, MPs heard on Tuesday.

Cape Town baboons get paintballed out of residential areas

Baboons in Cape Town are being paintballed to drive them out of residential suburbs and stop them from pillaging homes and cars on brazen food raids.

Greenies bark up the wrong tree

Often touted as a solution to climate change, forests actually threaten Africa's savanna ecosystems, writes Kimon de Greef.

Deep in the trenches of the war on rhinos

In an edited extract from his book Killing for Profit, Julian Rademeyer offers a glimpse into two sides of the complicated battle in the bush.

Rhino butchers caught on film at North West game farm

A disturbing bloody video has called into question the decision to drop charges against an alleged rhino poaching syndicate.

SA in the red on carbon-offset credits

SAA has introduced a voluntary carbon-offset programme.