Caribbean coral reefs on the verge of collapse

With less than 10% of the Caribbean's reefs showing live coral cover, one of the world's most important ecosystems is in danger of utter devastation.

Climate: Adaptation lost in mitigation

Global climate talks are edging closer to finalising mechanisms that will steer funding to developing countries to grow low-carbon economies.

Extinction fears dominate global conservation forum

The world's largest conservation forum has opened in South Korea with warnings that reckless development was ruining the planet's natural health.

Poachers poison 183 vultures to cover their tracks

Poachers in Zimbabwe have poisoned 183 vultures in a single event, in an attempt to prevent authorities from being alerted to their own whereabouts.

SA weathers storm, but food prices still set to double by 2030

With food prices already soaring around the world, the future looks bleak for SA, too, as the price of staple foods could more than double by 2030.

Western Cape penguins treated after oil spill

Fifteen penguins have been captured on Robben Island and treated after being covered with oil following a spill on the Cape Town coastline.

Runaway hippo to be sent to game reserve

A runaway hippo wallowing in a Cape Town lake will soon be sent away to a game reserve - if he can be captured safely, a tricky business at best.

Economists sound warning over carbon tax

Economists have warned that carbon pricing will damage South Africa's economic growth and global competitiveness.

Jab for birth control gets jumbo roll-out

The birth control vaccine for elephants has been shown to be 95% effective and is far more preferable to culling, researchers say.

Climate clues could be buried in Antarctica’s ancient ice

A big expansion of Antarctica's ice almost a million years ago may help scientists predict modern climate change, a study has shown.

Digging for mining licences

In environmentally sensitive areas politically connected companies seek to cash in on the country's coal resources, writes Yolandi Groenewald.