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OPINION | South Africa is not a peaceful country

There are endless protests over service delivery, gender-based violence, crime, the July 2021 unrest and, of course, Operation Dudula’s violence towards foreigners

OPINION | Education must invest in technology to future-proof the workforce

EdTech can provide badly needed return on money and resources country has put into education.

OPINION | Gwede Mantashe, like Nongqawuse, is the false prophet of oil and gas prosperity

Exploration has brought income inequality and poverty to people in Mauritius, Mozambique and Nigeria.

OPINION | Outrage followed a white student peeing on a black student but government pees on people’s constitutional rights

It’s right to be angry about a white student peeing on a black student’s books, but what about poor people who have to live close to urine and faeces

OPINION | Thabo Mbkei reflects on the African Union, Africa Day and his foundation

Thabo Mbkei reflects on the African Union, Africa Day and his foundation

Building an ethical, capable state is child’s play but we look the other way

This generation has no fear of authority. They will not submit to injustice or silently overlook wrongdoing or bullying. What is wrong with us?

‘Where are Africa’s Mackenzies?’ We need wealthy Africans to fund feminist and social justice movements

Philanthropy is at its best when it is innovative, risk taking, transformative and wealthy Africans are uniquely placed to disrupt complacent philanthropic giving

OPINION | How film can shape our understanding of African queer realities

‘Inxeba/The Wound’ is but one of the films of the growing body of literary and visual texts which have focused on queer lived experiences in Africa.

OPINION | Global warming is here, it is no longer a thing of the future

South Africa needs to improve its resilience against climate related catastrophes such as floods, locust swarms and increasing temperatures

OPINION | Genocide: It’s never far away if people are not prepared to stand up and oppose it

Research has shown that more than 150 000 people have been killed, injured, or displaced in xenophobic incidents across South Africa since 1994.

OPINION | Protect ideas of pan-Africanism

There needs to be a consolidation of the African identity away from the lens of Western civilisation

Those who attack funerals self-identify as pariahs

What happens in Israel and Palestine does not affect Israelis and Palestinians, alone. It fuels a global fault-line of mistrust, suspicion, intolerance and violence

Right of reply: Mandla Mandela hijacks African continental crises in bid for relevance

Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela uses the continent's security problems as a prism through which to cast his dark agenda against Israel into the minds of Africa’s youth

Rewriting the wrongs – language that is not gender-inclusive

Gendered pronouns are not ‘just words’, but deeply personal and psychologically significant identifiers of personhood

Winter’s frigid embrace awaits us

As we enjoy the last few weeks of autumn with its bright colours, remember that the rigours of winter are just around the corner

Nothing about us without us

We no longer need traditional leadership; decisions that affect communities should involve all the people concerned

Manage assets better to fix municipal governance

Maintaining infrastructure is key to economic development and improved service delivery by local government

Azapo’s political relevance re-emerges

The party of socialist Black Consciousness has fresh leaders and a pact with the Pan Africanist Congress to begin working at the local level to create a viable and radical Left