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Achieving Earth for all

The changes needed to achieve sustainable well-being for everyone are so big, they require people everywhere to put pressure on governments which must respond or be replaced by it.

Too much hooligan juice

This has been a depressing week for sports fans at the Dorsbult. Firstly that fat fool Pieter van Zyl runs on to the field and flattens the ref. Then Rian Oberholzer compounds the matter by saying: ''This assault perpetuates the image of the boorish, boerewors-eating, brandy-drinking supporter...''

Cock it, Snookums

The boys at the bar could not help chuckling at former SABC news head Snuki ''Moyo'' Zikalala's article on the Mail & Guardian in the Sowetan this week. Moyo wrote the article, he assures us, ''in his personal capacity as a journalist''. This is a very flattering self-assessment.

Let’s do the time warp

Lemmer wonders, sometimes, if there aren't a few local academics who look back wistfully to the halcyon days of the Eighties, when students were forever protesting, boycotting lectures and generally taking the spotlight away from the shenanigans of the staff.

Unsuitable level of nastiness

While we wait for next month's Constitutional Court decision on the defection law, the manne have been entertained by the increasing level of bitchiness between estranged KwaZulu-Natal partners the Inkatha Freedom Party and the African National Congress...

From Libya with love

Libyan President Moammar Gadaffi likes to regard himself as a one-man aid agency, capable of single-handedly saving our continent. The current target of his largesse appears to be Uganda, but not because of any deep friendship with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

A bed under every Red

Oom Krisjan has noticed that those who kept the red flag flying here have been rather quiet of late. In fact, there's been a suspicion that they've all turned into creditcard-carrying communists, what with central committee member Jeff Radebe being in the vanguard of the privatisation.

Simpler. Better. Faster. Cosier.

A letter from IFP Youth Brigade national organiser PC Mashego to the manager of Standard Bank's Simmonds Street (Jozi) branch was inexplicably delivered to the Dorsbult Bar...

Off with their heads

Being a king is a tough task and you can't even quit. A quick glance through history shows there are some awful ways to lose your job -- most often by losing your head. But in the olden days no one questioned what you wanted to do.

Cocking a Snuki

The news that Snuki Zikalala is leaving the SABC for pastures new was greeted with much regret in the Dorsbult. We regulars have missed his enthusiastic mangling of all the official languages since the former labour reporter was kicked upstairs to become an executive editor...

The one-eyed snake is king

Not so long ago Oom Krisjan was ruminating about why the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) has become involved with the Miss South Africa contest. No reasonable answer has yet been heard in the confines of the Dorsbult Bar...

Onward Christian serial-huggers

Peter Marais seems incapable of avoiding making waves in the visdorpie. Not content with undermining the Mother City's attempt to make the place the pink capital of Africa he has decided to rile the dorp's large Muslim population...

My funny Valentine

IT'S the week for romance, that boy with his bow - and timely reminders that love can sometimes mean you have to say you're sorry...

Uniform medicine for all

Here in the Groot Marico life goes on at quite a leisurely pace - and that's how we like it. Oom Krisjan thus feels great sympathy for Minister of Health Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, who has been rushing from pillar to post to prevent Aids activists implementing court decisions on the antiretroviral, nevirapine...

Dial C for clairvoyance

For years the Post Office was the epitome of government incompetence; filled with jobsworths who would as soon spit in your eye as give you the time of day. But, since privatisation, everything has changed...

Cosatu strikes out

Not that long ago, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) was the mass movement arm of the tripartite alliance, striking fear into the hearts of capitalist pigs with its threats of, well, striking...

A league of their own

THE African National Congress Youth League certainly has wide-ranging interests. When not getting involved in the serious matters of schooling, politics and economics - just a couple of weeks ago they were hosting Cubans to discuss closer ties with Fidel Castro's government - the boys in the league like their light relief...


Here in the Groot Marico life goes on at quite a leisurely pace ? and that's how we like it

Cleaning up after the free cleanser

A couple of weeks ago, the Mail & Guardian's Stefaans Brummer wrote a satirical piece that lampooned Public Protector Selby Baqwa's office as providing a cleansing service...