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The pros of Myself (Pty) Ltd

"I’ve been using a company name and have played with the idea of talking to clients about “us here at the office”... but I’ve realised it’s just me. "

Dylan pulls off another put-on

As Picasso said, though he may have had TS Eliot’s words put in his mouth: “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”​

The family unit is in crisis

Without examples of love, young people don’t have the tools to contribute to society

We can back SA’s golden girl by challenging our stereotypes

Supporting Caster Semenya means more than embracing her as an athlete

Thank you for vaping

'Over the course of the past five years, I’ve seen people of a variety of ages and vocations suck on their cylinders as if preparing to go underwater'

First day of the laaitie’s next year

uZoks is stoked about his new school – there’s nothing faux English old school tie about it

An inquiry into state capture is good but criminal trials must not be impeded

The success of the commission will depend, in part, on its terms of reference — in the meantime, criminals must not be allowed to escape justice

My ass still aches, but 2018 is here

Tuesday. January 2. The first working day of the year is upon us. Turns out, not much has changed

Exclusive: Baleka’s new poem

It is often forgotten that, in her youth, ANC presidential hopeful Baleka Mbete was a struggle poet.

Sixteen days of denialism

The state’s response to violence against women and children avoids the real work that’s needed

The Cat is out of the bag in the race to anoint the Chosen One

After the provincial general councils, the leadership race is down to two individuals and a third way appears dead, if it had ever been alive.

Illiteracy threatens our democracy

The democratic project is fatally wounded without a national plan to teach teachers how to teach reading

Stand-up guys, slate politics and the ‘other’ ANC

'There’s no way the gig will kick off on time. Our host, Nobala — provincial secretary Super Zuma — is one of history’s great Time Bandits'

Old pirates and new gangsters

I kept seeing McRaney’s face, and recalled his manner, while reading The Cowboy Capitalist, but Hearst was a real person.

One last, exhilarating swim with true rebel Peter McKenzie

They tilt the urn. The grey ash that was our brother spills out. Some of it is carried by the wind, writes Paddy Harper.

Deep inside the race to be prez

Report of the Mdluli Detachment to His Excellent Highness Number One — Only Fifty Days to Go till Conference — and edited by a British spy.

A movie exec walks into a bar …

... And he confesses that the world has gone off the rails

Bigotry seldom announces itself 

Most bigotry is implicit in our attitudes and actions. Bigotry does not routinely announce itself like a giant pimple on a teenager’s face.

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