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Entrepreneurship requires dedication and perseverance to see the business grow to greater heights and become competitive with others of its kind in the market.

These business development podcasts are helpful in exploring the tools needed to start, maintain and grow a business that South Africa can bank on — even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. They offer expert guidance in helping you understand how to get that business idea from your mind and into action.

Broadcast journalist Rofhiwa Madzene engages local successful business persons on how they have managed to use the necessary tools to get their businesses off the ground and keep them running in the modern challenging days. These podcasts will highlight the importance of strategy, creating a brand and developing human capital to build a successful business.

Founder and CEO of Moja Chicken Letlhogonolo “Tloks” Motseeng will outline the first steps of starting and running a successful enterprise. He believes these are to first have an excellent operative model, and then to strategise the operation before setting foot into the market.

The next podcast takes listeners through the importance of creating a business brand and reputation with Yoni Titi, Founder and CEO of Yoni Titi Human Capital Evolution. She examines the tools you can use to build a brand and the necessity of examining the businesses you may engage with.

Sean Barber, Founder and CEO of the restaurant Rockets will then untangle the human capital topic, breaking it down to organic and acquisition human capital, and the various ways in which they can be used to build or damage a successful business.
This might just be the tailor-made solution you need to get your business started.

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