Story Tip Offs

Know something we don’t?

Even the Mail & Guardian‘s best investigative reporters don’t know everything. There are always more skeletons in closets, murky business deals, terrible secrets and hidden wrong-doings to uncover.

But remember, we don’t only report on crooked politicians or business moguls with their fingers in the till. The Mail & Guardian‘s website focuses on daily breaking news in South Africa and from around the world, serious and sometimes not so serious, running the gamut from general news to business, sport, arts and leisure.

Tips for tip-offs

– Be as concise and specific as possible.

– Your information will be treated as confidential.

– Your name won’t be published in the newspaper or on the website unless you agree to it.

– Remember we have a broadly national focus — we’re unlikely to report on very local affairs such as small community meetings or cats in trees.

– We don’t have a consumer desk, so we’re not any good at sorting out the warranty on your new washing machine. Rather contact a regional daily newspaper for help on these matters.

We cannot guarantee that your tip-off will turn into a story — and we cannot respond to every tip-off received — but our reporters will evaluate your information and contact you if they find it useful.

If you want to send our reporters a tip-off about a potential story, big or small, you are welcome to

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Blow the whistle safely and anonymously

Some stories are so sensitive that you may be concerned about your personal safety and wish to ensure that you remain completely anonymous.

That is why we have partnered with afriLEAKS to protect the confidence and anonymity of sources and whistleblowers. 

Using the afriLEAKS platform in conjunction with the Tor Browser you can contact the M&G’s investigative team with secure encryption that will protect both your identity and the content of messages you send and documents or other files you wish to upload.

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