Donald Trump

Trump trashed, Carson wounded in decisive debate

Mainstream US Republican presidential hopefuls such as Rand Paul and Jeb Bush snatch back control from populist ‘outsider’ candidates.

Hillary’s haters must suck it up now that Biden’s bowed out

Nobody wanted an alternative (and one known to run mediocre campaigns) to the Clinton juggernaut more than conservatives.

Trump would send home Syrian refugees

Republican US presidential front-runner Donald Trump said he would send thousands of Syrian refugees back home if he is elected president in November.

US-style poll debates: Send in the clowns

The ANC's idea of letting the people help choose ward candidates could devolve into a circus.

Sporting ties put the ball in Trump’s court

A number of former professional athletes have endorsed US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump paints China as the enemy

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's flawed economic proposals could lead to a trade war – with signficant global fallout.

Donald Trump is an immigration ‘Know-Nothing’

Will Trump be the Republican nominee? The deep pockets of the Republican establishment say no, but Trump refused to rule out a third-party run.

Trump says illegal immigrants ‘have to go’

The millions of undocumented immigrants living in the US must leave, Donald Trump said as he unveiled his immigration platform.

The Donald’s novelty Trump card

Not even a radio doctor who peddled goat testicles rivals the coiffed one's candidacy.

Menstruation revolution: ‘Donald Trump is going to bloody love it’

A ‘freebleeding’ marathon runner, a zine celebrating periods and the #JustATampon campaign: women are fighting back against the need to be discreet.

Donald Trump a ‘feckless blowhard’ says Iowa paper

Republican candidate Donald Trump's comments about Senator John McCain "were not merely offensive, they were disgraceful", says Iowa paper.

Donald can trump other campaign ads on TV

Trump enjoys key advantages under federal communications law, which gives his campaigns special privileges over all other potential TV advertisers.


Democracy will flounder sans Stats SA

As the government bails out state-owned entities, it is leaving a hole in the budget of the agency tasked with telling us what South Africa looks like — one that is crucial to government decisions

The Facebook group taking on South Africa’s white right

Online battle over the ‘white genocide’ narrative on social media has dangerous real-world consequences

Trolley tender causes Acsa eruption

Stolen contract exposes rift in the senior ranks at the state airport’s management companies

Press Releases

Scatec Solar begins another Upington project

SPONSORED Scatec Solar and partners have once again grid connected in the ZF Mgcawu District, and started early...

Over R400-m given to businesses since launch of three-minute overdraft

The 3-minute overdraft radically reduces the time it takes for businesses to have their working capital needs met

Tourism can push Africa onto a new path – minister

The continent is fast becoming a dynamic sought-after tourist destination

South Africa’s education system is broken and unequal, and must be fixed without further delay

The Amnesty International report found that the South African government continues to miss its own education upgrading targets

Business travel industry generates billions

Meetings Africa is ready to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity

Conferences connect people to ideas

The World Expo and Meetings Africa are all about stimulating innovation – and income