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The Mail & Guardian is hosting a series of free live webinars throughout the coronavirus crisis, to keep our readers informed and involved on the effects of the lockdown restrictions and how to mitigate them. These are the round-ups of previous events, you can see what’s coming up here.

Investment outlook beyond Covid-19

Opportunities for local business growth needed to be identified and strategically capitalised on, and we have to be really deliberate about that

Covid-19 and CVD: The heart in the time of crisis

The pandemic has been a time of great humility for health workers and tactics have had to be changed if they weren’t working

Covid-19: Childhood and adolescence disrupted

'What we’re getting right now is that we see that there’s a lot of fear, anxiety, depression, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorders'

Behaviour Change in the age of Covid-19

'If we build better systems and ask the right questions and frame things in the right way, it may help us reduce incidences of corruption'

Women in Construction

It is critical for women to be made the centre of attention in the construction industry so that they can be upskilled and lifted out of poverty

Women inclusion and empowerment

Women must believe in themselves, raise their hands, speak out and make their voices heard: male leaders have to ensure that women are comfortable to do so

The impact of Covid-19 on women and their businesses

About 16 million children who would have been at school in lockdown were looked after mainly by women, hindering their ability to find or do work

Fraud and corruption in the Covid-19 era

'We need to make it fundamentally uncool to even be accused of a crime – right now in South Africa being accused of a crime doesn’t end your career'

Women in Writing

Self-publishing online and through social media is an option for new writers today, but do your research before you try this for the best results

Saving the class of 2020

The 10-week Educate programme was created to help matric students who have been disrupted by the pandemic get back on track for their final exams

Empowering the voice of women in leadership to enable full participation in their roles in leadership and decision making

Sibanye-Stillwater has 13% female representation in its workforce and is actively working to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Covid-19: Outlook on the economy, politics and labour

Old Mutual had experts unpack the effects of the pandemic and provide practical tips on how to deal with the financial impact of job losses and salary cuts

Opt-in to Popia

All business owners should take note: there is a lot of work ahead to ensure compliance with the POPI Act that has just come into effect

Debt management amid Covid-19 and beyond

This webinar on Debt Management, sponsored by Debt Rescue, had its experts share a practical approach to debt management amid this crisis and beyond


This digital tool removes the stress and complexities of document management, legal or otherwise, in both personal life and in organisations

Retirement security and insurance amid Covid-19

The emergent theme from the 2020 Sanlam Benchmark research is individualisation of institutional retirement funding

Covid-19: To homeschool or not to homeschool?

Many parents are nervous about taking the first step, but Impaq makes the transition from traditional schooling to homeschooling easy

Security and Compliance Evolution in the Data Revolution

Organisations must adopt a risk-based approach to compliance and rely on technology to mitigate that risk and on people and process controls as well

Covid-19 vs Child Nutrition

Children are being impacted severely across the world because of things such as reduced immunisation as health services prioritise treating Covid-19 cases

Economic ramifications of Covid-19

There is an opportunity for business and government in collaboration to galvanise and work together, and present ourselves as a viable destination for investment

Covid-19 – Impact on Education, Skills Development and Training

The digital divide must be overcome as a matter of urgency if South Africa is going to stay competitive and the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the change

Absa – Covid-19 – An opportunity to address gender inequality

The Covid-19 crisis presents a possible opportunity for women to break with the ways they have been dealt with in the past

Public Participation in the Budget Process of the Legislature

The Coronavirus has been a learning curve and the public awareness that it has created is a model that we can use for other conditions

Strengthening governance for the effective allocation and utilization of budgets

Gauteng has put considerable funds into youth development, and the infrastructure of the province plays a huge role in small business development

Legislators’ oversight role over government budgets webinar

People need to know that they can become involved in making new laws and policies and in the process of governance, in conjunction with the GPL

Covid-19 and the questions you should be asking your Insurance Provider

Bank insurers are doing much better than the traditional insurers because they have integrated digital solutions that they can roll out fast

Covid-19 and WFH Webinar

This webinar outlines some best practices for employers and employees to enable them to adapt to work-from-home as the new normal

SME in a Covid World: Stimulating Small Business Growth

Small businesses must re-examine their business models and endeavour to understand their customers, and know what their new needs are

Automotive Industry and Covid-19

Many rental fleets are no longer operational and their usually well-maintained cars are entering the market in big numbers

PPS Webinar 4: Asset Protection in Times of Uncertainty

The Covid-19 crisis means people are spending more time at home, so they expect different packages from their insurance companies

Covid-19 and Back to School Webinar

If our educators can take care of themselves, they can take care of the children they teach

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