Cypriot court grants Louka extradition

A Cypriot court has granted an order for the extradition of George Louka. (Flickr)

A Cypriot court has granted an order for the extradition of George Louka. (Flickr)

He was arrested by Cypriot authorities in March and has been fighting extradition since then.

According to Eyewitness News, Louka must be extradited within 15 days but has two weeks within which to appeal the decision.

He is wanted on charges of theft, fraud and possession of stolen property.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has confirmed that authorities are expecting Louka to return to South Africa, where he is expected to face questioning over Jacksons murder.

But NPA spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said there was no clarity yet as to when this might happen or what charges might be laid.

Mhaga said the authorities were awaiting further details on the matter from Interpol.

Louka – who also went by the name George Smith – has been linked to alleged crime boss Radovan Krejcir. He apparently got to know Krejcir when they shared a cell, after Krejcir was arrested on an Interpol notice when entering South Africa in 2007.

He later helped Krejcir establish himself in Bedfordview and served as a frontman, helping Krejcir transfer money to a self-confessed money-launderer.

The day after Jackson’s death, Louka allegedly called former Gauteng crime intelligence boss Joey Mabasa and confessed to the murder. Then he fled the country.

Mabasa was later sacked by police after questions were raised about his relationship to Krejcir.

It was established that Krejcir and Mabasa’s wives had registered a company together


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