Zuma must withdraw

President Jacob Zuma at Cosatu's 2012 congress. (Daniel Born, Gallo)

President Jacob Zuma at Cosatu's 2012 congress. (Daniel Born, Gallo)

Zuma can save the ANC by not accepting nomination for the presidency at Mangaung, says Paul Khitsane.

The clique calling itself "the forces of change" cannot be credible ("JZ camp's threat to Mo-tlanthe", November 30). First, they are hypocrites who once campaigned for Jacob Zuma. Second, why campaign for or against one person if they believe, as they say, that the decisions of the ANC are taken by a collective?  

My question to them is: Don't they think it's time they gave Mosiuoa Lekota some credit? This would not mean endorsing the  Congress of the People, but the party had valid points about defending the Constitution from JZ and his clique.

I am not endorsing Zuma, nor am I being disrespectful of him, but I believe he is the only one who can save the ANC – by not accepting nomination for the presidency at Mangaung. He is surrounded by so much drama that if he was a minister he would be given special leave to attend to his private affairs.

Kgalema Motlanthe, however, has been a true ANC cadre. He has refused to be drawn into discussing leadership nominations in the media. He has supporters in both camps and could unite the ANC.

Cyril Ramaphosa, who is being touted as a possible deputy president, would be haunted by his association with Marikana.

Tokyo Sexwale, on the other hand, showed he can manage crises after he went to Lenasia recently to deal with the demolition of houses there. He would be an ideal deputy president. Thandi Modise's credentials should automatically make her the ANC chairperson.

Fikile Mbalula should not accept nomination for the post of secretary general. He is doing a good job as sports minister. Gwede Mantashe is not a bad secretary general; he can work well with Motlanthe.

I don't carry an ANC card, but I am an ANC voter and I respect the party's heritage. I believe my opinion should also count. – Paul Khitsane, Tshiame, Harrismith

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