M&G Hangout: Web power a game-changer in Africa

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Join us as we talk to Africans changing lives and industries through the internet ahead of the Google Africa Connected conference.

The Africa Connect conference and competition is to help boost the social and economic impact of Africans who have embraced the web.

Africans have skipped ahead of their Western counterparts in how we use the internet and technology – for entertainment and communication, but also to change lives and industries.

Join the Mail & Guardian in a special hangout, where we talk to various speakers and finalists from the Africa Connected conference taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, this week.

The conference and competition, hosted by Google, is an effort to help boost the social and economic impact of Africans who have embraced the web. Google is offering five prizes of $25 000 each for the most inspiring stories on the continent where the web has played a pivotal role in achieving success.

Guests include Emma Kaye, the founder of Bozza Mobi, a mobile start-up based in South Africa that allows artists in Africa to share their videos, music and poetry with fans. 

We'll talk to a few of the finalists from the Africa Connected competition, who come from a variety of backgrounds including the development sector and business, ahead of the awards announcement. 

In addition to $25 000, each of the five winners will receive assistance from Google to help them grow their initiatives further.

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