Agang SA releases elections candidate list


Agang SA has made public its list of party candidates for upcoming polls, with leader Mamphele Ramphele listed as the party's presidential candidate.

Agang SA released the party's candidate list for the upcoming general election. (Clarissa Sosin, M&G)

Agang SA ​on Wednesday released the party's candidate list for the upcoming general election. 

The party's leader Mamphela Ramphele will be the party's presidential candidate in the May 7 election, the party said on Wednesday.

The top 10 candidates on the Agang SA list are:

  1. Andries Tlouamma
  2. Mike Tshisonga
  3. Sam Njela
  4. Johanna Mphogo
  5. Garth Towell
  6. John McConnacchie
  7. Andrew Gasnolar
  8. Nyameka Mguzulo
  9. Angela Pitsi
  10. Titus Singo

Ramphele told reporters in Johannesburg that the candidates reflected the diversity of the country.

"Our candidates have experience in various sectors of the country and have experience in different provinces throughout the country," said Ramphele.

Nyameka Mguzulo, former ANC Women's Youth League co-ordinator, was elected as Agang's youth forum convenor.

"As a young woman, Nyameka plays an important role as the voices of young people are often not heard," Ramphele said.

Angela Pitso, who was chosen as the party's women's convenor, was also an entrepreneur.

"Woman form the majority of the population and it is important for their voices to be heard," Ramphele said.

Women and the youth had the power to turn the country around.

Other candidates on the list included forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan, who Ramphele described as "Mr Anti-corruption", and former master of the high court in the justice department Mike Tshisonga, who she described as "Mr Whistle-blower". Both are from a legal background.

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