Machine learning and AI is coming for corrupt officials

Disrupting corruption with a data-driven approach is possible

Game of Phones: Five mobile adoption trends in Africa

The economic value added to the continent’s GDP by mobile technologies and services will be worth $155-billion by 2025. Transactions on mobile money platforms reached $490-billion in 2020

Smart bra aims to quicken breast cancer diagnosis

Nigerian Kemisola Bolarinwa used ultrasound technology to develop a smart bra that enables the early detection of breast cancer

Review: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is essentially a Galaxy Note reborn

First drive in the BMW i4 EV

In what will eventually become a new normal, the car starts up in silence and lets you toggle between the modes at the touch of a button

Volvo launches its XC40 Recharge electric vehicle in South Africa

The premium Swedish manufacturer’s global plan is to move to a fully electric car company by 2030

Meet South Africa’s Superhero scientists Cosmic Dawn, Bones and Nitro

The SuperScientists comic book project celebrates the country’s scientists to inspire children

Facebook needs a facelift

Steven Hill thinks "digital operating permits" could be the key to reining in tech giants and protecting their users.

Facebook face plants

This outage comes at a precarious time for Facebook, which is still navigating the fallout of whistleblower Frances Haugen accusing the company of prioritising profits over combating misinformation and hate

Netflix acquires first video game studio

Netflix had indicated its intention to venture into video games in July, eyeing potential hits based on the storylines of popular TV series

How Facebook undermines privacy protections for its 2bn WhatsApp users

WhatsApp assures users that no one can see their messages — but the company has an extensive monitoring operation and regularly shares personal information with prosecutors

South African discovered dinosaur could help demystify the life of the famous T-Rex

Why a tiny dinosaur from the Eastern Cape is making waves for the T-rex family

Q&A Sessions: Google’s SA country director tells us about his first 17 months in office

Alistair Mokoena has an impressive CV, but says his family will always be a priority

Tiny dinosaur with big eyes and ‘ears’ hunted in the dark

A tiny theropod, Shuvuuia, the name of which derives from the Mongolian word for bird, is part of a group known as the alvarezsaurus, had both extraordinary hearing and night vision.

Let’s race with, not against, the machine

SA’s economy will need a growing supply of tech experts such as programmers and roboticists

Your smartphone is probably spying on you

The spy in your pocket: Granting microphone and camera permission to certain apps does not mean they are only active during use

The war on women in video game culture

Women and girls make up almost half of the gaming community but are hardly represented and face abuse in the industry

Facebook users can use phone numbers to check if their data was breached

Private data from more than 530-million Facebook accounts was placed onto an unsecured public database. This tool allows users to use their phone number to see if they were among the victims.