Sonos Ray sets the soundbar high enough

While there are other soundbars that deliver better sound quality, this could be a useful addition to your home entertainment set-up

REVIEW: Ring Alarm only makes sense as an additional security measure

Most South Africans are not equipped to deal with armed robbers without the help of an armed response company.

How robotics and VR are reducing operation costs in South Africa

Machines can lower costs because they come at a fixed cost, whereas people fluctuate based on the price of food, rent and inflation

How to safeguard your digital footprint in cyberspace

Apply physical security measures in cyberspace; if you won’t open your door to a stranger, why accept offers and requests from strangers online?

Research finds fitness trackers increase physical activity

During the Covid-19 lockdown many people discovered the benefits of wearables in maintaining fitness goals

‘Break vicious cycle that deters girls in science’

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, who served as the first female president of Mauritius from 2015- to 2018, has also had success in higher education, winning top awards in science

Scientists reveal the wondrous, supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy

The breakthrough is a result of the work of 300 scientists from 80 institutions, including Wits University

Review: Hobot Legee 7 robovacuum is a no brainer if you have allergies, pets or kids

The ability to vacuum your home remotely and come to a dust-free home after a holiday is highly underrated

Laptop review: Asus ExpertBook B7 Flip

A powerful machine packed into a 1.44kg, compact exterior with several nifty features essential for today’s business laptop

Review Huawei P50 Pocket: Does the clamshell form factor hold a pearl?

As its name suggests, it is a pocket friendly folding phone that is easy to carry around.

Machine learning and AI is coming for corrupt officials

Disrupting corruption with a data-driven approach is possible

Game of Phones: Five mobile adoption trends in Africa

The economic value added to the continent’s GDP by mobile technologies and services will be worth $155-billion by 2025. Transactions on mobile money platforms reached $490-billion in 2020

Smart bra aims to quicken breast cancer diagnosis

Nigerian Kemisola Bolarinwa used ultrasound technology to develop a smart bra that enables the early detection of breast cancer

Review: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is essentially a Galaxy Note reborn

First drive in the BMW i4 EV

In what will eventually become a new normal, the car starts up in silence and lets you toggle between the modes at the touch of a button

Volvo launches its XC40 Recharge electric vehicle in South Africa

The premium Swedish manufacturer’s global plan is to move to a fully electric car company by 2030

Meet South Africa’s Superhero scientists Cosmic Dawn, Bones and Nitro

The SuperScientists comic book project celebrates the country’s scientists to inspire children

Facebook needs a facelift

Steven Hill thinks "digital operating permits" could be the key to reining in tech giants and protecting their users.