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‘Incredible growth’ in rooftop solar in South Africa

Rising electricity prices, power outages, increasing awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing solar technology costs are driving the rooftop solar market in South Africa

A story more embarrassing than a racist dog

A childhood memory of a false accusation reminds us that not even poverty defines who we are

Will Ramaphosa act decisively on the Zondo report?

The president’s tendency to avoid confrontation with his own party means we must maintain public outrage to ensure an end to state capture

Is the US supreme court bent on doing harm?

Two recent rulings by America’s apex court are profoundly troubling




Can nuclear energy come back from the grave?

Because of the lead times involved, nuclear cannot offer an instant solution to today’s challenges. Within a decade, however, nuclear, alongside wind and solar, could undermine the global gas market

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South Africa, Kenya and Morocco invest in electric car charging stations

As demand for electric cars rises on the continent, public and private sector investors are lining up a series of charging stations on major highways, entertainment and recreation spots including those outside capital cities

Language of learning at odds with learning of language

Children learn to read and write more easily if they are first taught in their mother tongue. In Ghana, as in many African countries, that’s easier said than done

South Africa slams Ryanair’s Afrikaans test as ‘backward’

The airline has admitted it imposed a requirement for South Africans flying to Britain and Ireland to fill out a questionnaire issued in Afrikaans "due to the high prevalence of fraudulent South African passports".

A year after the riots, South Africa is a tinderbox waiting to be lit

Some of the conditions in which the July unrest occurred have abated but others, such as the spiralling cost of living, have worsened

Hawkers struggle after Soweto mall looted, vandalised

Informal traders selling their wares outside Jabulani Mall are worried about further unrest as unemployment and the rising cost of living fuel public anger

Workers didn’t cause Eskom crisis

The utility’s employees went on an unprotected strike but years of poor decisions wrecked the energy producer

Time for young leaders to take over ANC’s top six positions, Ronald Lamola says

The justice minister, who is angling to become the party’s deputy president, was quick to add that there should be a generational mix in leadership

I’m ready to pass the baton – ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe

Mabe has been at Luthuli House for some years but is now ready for a new chapter

Gauteng ANC produces solid financials, feather in treasurer Parks Tau’s cap

The provincial administration has, however, struggled to pay staff salaries


Colleges need a professional council

The failure to establish a regulatory body is not in line with policy, limiting funding and seriously inhibiting potential benefits

Early childhood development sector rises above flood

The deluge in KwaZulu-Natal put learning under strain but ECD practitioners are overcoming the difficulties

Future of our world is in our hands

Education is key to giving our children a chance to navigate, and thrive in, a complex modernity

Is the English cricket form as fickle as Ramaphoria?

What the former has which the latter conspicuously lacks is a behind-the-scenes ‘enforcer’ to establish a bold new ethos

Test cricket is dead, but not for the eager Proteas

Even before the demise of this format of the game was predicted, the women’s team had little opportunity to experience and enjoy it

How The Ghost have kept Orlando Pirates alive

Supporters’ branches, despite financial challenges, have been the lifeblood of football teams in South Africa

Boris Johnson: the ‘greased piglet’ slips away again

All politicians need luck and Boris Johnson –once described as a "greased piglet" – has had more than most in his career.

UK PM braced for Tory no-confidence vote

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed defiance on Monday ahead of a no-confidence vote among Conservative MPs, after dozens rebelled over a string of scandals that have left the party's public standing in tatters

Multilateralism has a role in an evolving world

The climate crisis, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic have increased levels of poverty


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