Youth trapped in revolving doors of job seeking

Young people get in and out of education and short-term job opportunities that lead nowhere

Too many disabled children still fall through schooling gaps

Inclusive strategies need to be implemented in South Africa so that people living with disabilities like autism can live meaningful, productive lives

Section27 takes council of educators to court over corporal punishment

Two learners were hit over the head by two teachers, but they continue to work

St Stithians school welcomes its first trans learner

As a queer person, Ulindelwe Ratsibe can only admire the school and this young person for bringing about change

Thrive by Five Index shows South Africa is failing preschool children

Early learning difficulties lead to school dropout, poor matric results, repeated school years and a less effective system for preparing young people for the world

Apply now for the 2023 school year, Western Cape education department urges parents

Parents and guardians have four days left to apply for 2023 places for their children at schools in the province

TVET colleges need complete overhaul to quell slow growth trajectory

More needs to be done to raise the profile of technical and vocational education and training colleges and increase enrolments in the country

Inclusive education: Girls and boys must be treated equally

When girls go to school, the patriarchy dominated culture at home follows them to the classroom

The government must do more to stop bogus colleges from operating

The government is cracking down on unlicensed education institutions but they persist, and weak oversight is allowing them to operate without any nod to equity and quality teaching

Virtual teaching: How to share resources with your music students

As the world adapts to online learning, music teachers may find the transition more difficult than their less hands-on colleagues. Here are some tips and tools for teaching music online

‘So many things’ encumber women, says Ghanaian academic

Women need support to overcome systemic barriers, argues 51-year-old Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, the first female vice-chancellor at the University of Ghana

Savvy scientist’s quantum leap

Dr Isaac Nape from Wits University is getting accolades from scientists in the field of quantum optics for his team’s groundbreaking technique

Former model C schools need to employ more Black teachers

Having Black teachers in the classrooms of what are commonly still considered ‘white schools’ would not only be beneficial to Black learners, but to learners of all races

Design-led thinking

Amid unprecedented global change, the need to do things differently is greater than ever. Design thinking provides a way to engage with the world’s complex challenges in a creative and regenerative way

Volunteering can help young people build skills and get jobs

Organisations and the state are tackling the youth unemployment crisis, and young people can also play their part

Expelled Kenya LGBTQI+ youths fight back

Kenyan students who are presumed to be gay are often kicked out of school, but queer activists are putting this practice on notice

Don’t put it all down to Covid-19, the education system was already broken

The 2017 OECD Benchmarking report assessed the quality of education globally and South Africa ranked 75th out of 76 countries

Neat hair at school is a colonial mess

Can policing hair relate to community and equality, or is it solely a function of colonial militarism?