Open your eyes to Finish The Sun

Mabuta’s second album is a colourful sonic experience, inspired by the sounds of Africa.

Where to from here for the hotel and hospitality industry?

Innovation is the metronome to the rhythm of survival and triumph

Nomaza Nongqunga Coupez shines the artists’ light in France

A residency started by South Africans in the south of France supports Africa’s women artists

South African artists taking over Chicago, Bonteheuwel style

The city has long had a fascination with South African jazz — and now with its visual artists

Monageng ‘Vice’ Motshabi’s book and play question the real new South Africa

The The Red on the Rainbow is a story many South Africans can relate to as it asks the hard questions of where the rainbow is

Artist Amber-Jade Geldenhuys turns the table on design

Her exhibition, ‘I Give Rocks’, rejects clean lines, is striking in its austerity and functional objects are rendered dysfunctional

Nice racists, Chester Missing is talking to you about how you still don’t get this racism issue

The brutal fact is the world we live in is profoundly racist. It’s structured around racism. It’s like we are all Capetonians, and racism is Table Mountain

In the bag: Artist Cinthia Sifa Mulanga, Gucci and Princess Diana

Congolese-born, South Africa-based artist Cinthia Sifa Mulanga collaborated with Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci in a tribute to the late Princess Diana

Meet Ofenste Pitse, the director of an all-black orchestra

Ofentse Pitse, the head of the first South African all-black orchestra, talks about her love for classical music and the plans she has for her musical ensemble, Anchored Sound

Book review: ‘Amakomiti’ tackles the role of self-governance

Can anything good come out emjondolo? Trevor Ngwane looks into how committees in informal settlements are updating the system for their survival

Inside the mind of artist Charl-Christo Petersen: 165 paintings in 165 days of lockdown

Cape Town fine artist Charl-Christo Petersen never saw himself as that until lockdown, when he was able to take thoughts and feelings of many and put them down on canvas

Desmond Tutu’s home, Jo’burg’s heritage: Revitalising St Mary’s Cathedral

The City of Johannesburg is finally set to declare St Mary’s Cathedral and surrounds in downtown Jo’burg as a national heritage site, to be called the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Precinct

Why art and creativity is a crucial part of (in)formal education

Arts education is critical, because it has the capacity to liberate learners from economic, social and political forces. What’s needed is funding, training and political will

‘From Kippie to Kippies and Beyond’: A treasure trove of jazz history

Journalist and author Sam Mathe’s ‘From Kippie to Kippies And Beyond’ profiles four generations of South African musicians, most of whom had been languishing in obscurity

Local film ‘Gaia’ is a psychedelic take on fantasy and horror

Gaia’ is more than an eerie, haunted forest film. It juxtaposes the beauty of the natural world with the fragility of our hi-tech, industrial society

Synching and scoring: The songs that keep on paying

With the growth of South Africa’s film industry, royalties from music licensing is becoming an increasingly viable revenue stream for artists

‘When Rain Clouds Gather’: Acknowledging the role of Black women in South African art history

A new exhibition, When Rain Clouds Gather: Black South African Women Artists, 1940-2000, held at the Norval Foundation, is a corrective to the previous systemic exclusion of Black women

Portfolio: Boitumelo Diseko, artist and gallerist

Boitumelo Diseko has married her love of art and business by opening the B Artworks Gallery