MAIL & GUARDIAN: Editorial

Rural folk need security of tenure too

President Ramaphosa’s speech at the National House of Traditional Leaders outlines a master plan for traditional governance, but it’s crucial this plan protects citizens from abuse

Editorial: Where is the accountability?

We need consequences, otherwise we will continue to get more of the same

Editorial: Does the ANC give a damn about South Africa?

Citizens will continue to pay the price for the ruling party’s internal battles for control

Editorial: Media must hold media to account

There’s a reason those in power seek to limit journalists’ freedoms: our stories shine a light on their wrongdoing. However, we must also speak up when the wrongdoing is inside our own camp

Editorial: Enough. We need the vaccine

South Africans have been waiting too long and it is time for the government to deliver on its vaccine plan

Editorial: 2021 — No choice but be strong

Pharmaceutical companies are yet to register their vaccines with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, boding ill for its delivery to the public

Editorial: Hell of a year for a birthday

The Mail & Guardian celebrated a milestone in the crazy year that was, not that 1985 was any less so

Editorial: Don’t get risky on the rebound

We need to keep looking out for each other. Otherwise those economic gains will be wiped out as the body count grows

Editorial: Political meddling won’t save the SABC

For years, in moves that harked back to the repressive regime of the Nats, the public broadcaster has been used by the party as its political football in internal factional battles, or to censor dissent.

Editorial: Desperately seeking an opposition

All the contenders are deeply flawed, losing support, or both

Editorial: Cyril must embrace his AU role

There are several African conflicts that require urgent attention

Editorial: Nzimande’s shame is youth’s loss

Before Nzimande or anyone in government thinks of telling young people to “choose” TVET colleges again, they need to fix this sector

Editorial: SA will be bankrupted by looters

The chickens have finally come home to roost: if we do not end the looting, it will end us

Editorial: Treat all people like white men

On Tuesday, Free State farmers set a police van on fire and stormed the Senekal magistrate’s court to get to the cells where two...

Editorial: Arrests expose the rot in the ANC

The ANC has used its power to create networks of patronage. And this means going after corruption will cost the party financially

Editorial: How do they sleep at night?

Department of health officials know they haven’t paid many community health workers on the ground in Gauteng since June. Do they care?

Editorial: Just another insult from the ANC

The ANC’s response to its senior officials’ lockdown trip to Zimbabwe leaves much to be desired

Editorial: Even police stations are unsafe for women

If a man has the temerity to shoot a woman inside a police station, in front of law enforcement officers, then the country has an even bigger GBV problem than it thinks.

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