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MAIL & GUARDIAN: Editorial

Editorial: We owe it to our youth to listen

The Mail & Guardian launched ‘Ask Yourself’, a podcast by M&G Listen on Youth Day.

Editorial: GDP focus trips South Africa up

There is ample evidence that trickle-down economics do not work

Editorial: Mkhize cannot lead us

A person who has himself been accused of corruption — more than once — is not the right person to steer the ship of national health insurance for South Africans

Editorial: The UN must regain its credibility

The body’s inaction during the Iraq war and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea makes it weaker when it comes to negotiation peace in the Middle East

Editorial: Collective bargaining headache

The state faces a dilemma: it made a three-year wage agreement with public servants in 2018, before the pandemic, but reneging on it now will undermine labour’s trust

Editorial: Covid-19 vs ANC palace politics

Our way of life is still far from finding its “new normal” and we aren’t getting any closer, while palace politics once again take centre stage as we head to October’s local elections

Editorial: No urgency to fix Vaal sewage crisis

As far back as 2007, a local nonprofit met with government officials to deal with the pollution crisis in Emfuleni. Residents are still waiting

Editorial: Pay up, JZ – you have the cash

Jacob Zuma knows how to find money and spend it — as long as it’s not his own

Editorial: Beware the cruel noise of Twitter

Users of social media and journalists need to take care when posting or reporting about children and tragic events

Editorial: Keeping the faith — in people

We are exhausted, scared, hurt, overwhelmed, heartsore, sick and disillusioned. But in this past year people have helped each other. So many of us are still here thanks to the kindness of others.

Response to the falsehoods about the M&G in Sanef’s media ethics and credibility report

Media houses holding each other to account is essential to a working democracy, but false claims serve only to undermine that goal

Editorial: Whistleblowers need our protection

Those who tell the truth should be cared for by the law, but they aren’t

Editorial: Fix the problem, Cele, Blade

Every single year we have the same conversation about students protesting about registration problems at universities and police brutality. The two ministers are clearly inept

Rural folk need security of tenure too

President Ramaphosa’s speech at the National House of Traditional Leaders outlines a master plan for traditional governance, but it’s crucial this plan protects citizens from abuse

Editorial: Where is the accountability?

We need consequences, otherwise we will continue to get more of the same

Editorial: Does the ANC give a damn about South Africa?

Citizens will continue to pay the price for the ruling party’s internal battles for control

Editorial: Media must hold media to account

There’s a reason those in power seek to limit journalists’ freedoms: our stories shine a light on their wrongdoing. However, we must also speak up when the wrongdoing is inside our own camp

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