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Editorial: Vaccine passports

How does South Africa return to a pre-pandemic world, or at least one closely resembling it? That’s the question for policymakers as our country’s recovery lags its peers

Editorial: And still we wait for a decision on Mkhize

For six weeks Ramaphosa has told us he is following process and Mkhize continues to get a fat ministerial salary as he relaxes on special leave.

Editorial: Unrest death count the highest in more than 180 years

We need a commission of inquiry to find the central characters in the tragic event that played out in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Editorial: Last week’s unrest: Who is left to clean up the mess?

Once again, people of all races, religions and ages have come together to sort out the devastation that can largely be laid at the doorstep of our government

Editorial: This week has been precedent-setting

It will be hard to turn back the clock and get people to once again respect authority and the rule of law. The solution lies in a functioning state

Editorial: It’s done – but the Zuma saga will affect Ramaphosa’s long game

By the early hours of Thursday morning, Jacob Zuma was on one side of a cell door and the country he corrupted on the other. There is cause for reflection on both sides

Editorial: We have questions, Mr President

Stop those rambling family meetings, in which the public is treated like a child, and let us ask you questions

Editorial: Politicians fiddled, now Gauteng burns in a third wave

Our system is still not conducive for dealing with community transmissions. Harsher restrictions and constant lockdowns are not the answer

Editorial: We owe it to our youth to listen

The Mail & Guardian launched ‘Ask Yourself’, a podcast by M&G Listen on Youth Day.

Editorial: GDP focus trips South Africa up

There is ample evidence that trickle-down economics do not work

Editorial: Mkhize cannot lead us

A person who has himself been accused of corruption — more than once — is not the right person to steer the ship of national health insurance for South Africans

Editorial: The UN must regain its credibility

The body’s inaction during the Iraq war and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea makes it weaker when it comes to negotiation peace in the Middle East

Editorial: Collective bargaining headache

The state faces a dilemma: it made a three-year wage agreement with public servants in 2018, before the pandemic, but reneging on it now will undermine labour’s trust

Editorial: Covid-19 vs ANC palace politics

Our way of life is still far from finding its “new normal” and we aren’t getting any closer, while palace politics once again take centre stage as we head to October’s local elections

Editorial: No urgency to fix Vaal sewage crisis

As far back as 2007, a local nonprofit met with government officials to deal with the pollution crisis in Emfuleni. Residents are still waiting

Editorial: Pay up, JZ – you have the cash

Jacob Zuma knows how to find money and spend it — as long as it’s not his own

Editorial: Beware the cruel noise of Twitter

Users of social media and journalists need to take care when posting or reporting about children and tragic events

Editorial: ANC does not want to self-ref lect

Where is your unembeza, comrades?

Editorial: Keeping the faith — in people

We are exhausted, scared, hurt, overwhelmed, heartsore, sick and disillusioned. But in this past year people have helped each other. So many of us are still here thanks to the kindness of others.