Editorial: Forget the politicians, you are the biggest loser

We will all bear the brunt of a political landscape that is less about governing and more about the satisfaction of personal interests and vindictive opposition

Editorial: South Africa’s next big crisis is water

Amid rampant mismanagement and the effects of climate change, we will have to learn to do more with less

Editorial: We come to bury De Klerk, not to praise him

The death of apartheid’s last leader means some questions now remain forever unanswered

Editorial: Deepening era of coalitions will test the maturity of South Africa’s democracy

The low voter turnout in the local polls is something our leading parties must take to heart as they look to rebuild their relationship with the electorate.

Editorial: Political parties in climate denial

South Africa already faces numerous crises including hunger, poverty, unemployment, inequality — all of which are being worsened by the climate crisis.

Editorial: Referendum on service delivery

A poll where independents will test the maturity of our democracy

Editorial: South African cops need policing

Our collective apathy towards public order policing has had deadly consequences, especially for the poor

Editorial: DA’s divisive posters were a calculated decision — which has backfired

It would be refreshing if South Africans encountered political parties that actually walked the talk of embracing the ideals of nonracialism

Editorial: Despite Zuma saga, the law will prevail

We must hold faith that law will prevail

Editorial: Vaccine passports

How does South Africa return to a pre-pandemic world, or at least one closely resembling it? That’s the question for policymakers as our country’s recovery lags its peers

Editorial: Speaking truth to power

Whistleblowers risk their happiness — and sometimes their lives — to stop the rot in government, but the laws and leaders fail to protect them.

Editorial: Black women’s burden

Viewing black women as strong and resilient does them a disservice

Editorial: Ramaphosa’s nuclear question

What energy mix will make up for the loss of South Africa’s coal power over the next decade or two? Will renewables alone fill the gap, or is nuclear power needed?

Editorial: Marikana must haunt us

The blight on our past and our future must haunt us as much as it haunts the victims left behind

Editorial: And still we wait for a decision on Mkhize

For six weeks Ramaphosa has told us he is following process and Mkhize continues to get a fat ministerial salary as he relaxes on special leave.

Editorial: Unrest death count the highest in more than 180 years

We need a commission of inquiry to find the central characters in the tragic event that played out in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Editorial: Last week’s unrest: Who is left to clean up the mess?

Once again, people of all races, religions and ages have come together to sort out the devastation that can largely be laid at the doorstep of our government

Editorial: This week has been precedent-setting

It will be hard to turn back the clock and get people to once again respect authority and the rule of law. The solution lies in a functioning state