Editorial: A political solution from Ramaphosa or Gordhan will not solve the Eskom load-shedding crisis

After more than 10 years of meddling and the countless executive game of musical chairs, please leave political actors out of Eskom problem-solving. This is a problem to be solved by Andre de Ruyter and the unions and the ‘rogue’ employees working outside the established channels

Editorial: Call out all Theuns du Toits

What happened at Stellenbosch is a microcosm of a broken country and citizens who won’t stand up against implicit or explicit prejudices

From banker to barista: When coffee calls in Zimbabwe

A 43-year-old innovator has, with his mobile business, introduced the joy of a cup of coffee on the go in Harare

A lapse in our editorial rigour

The M&G erred in publishing an opinion piece that uncritically lauded Zweli Mkhize

Things we lost in the floods

Climate change, drastic weather patterns, government negligence: any one of these issues could be the main reason thousands of people have been upended

Editorial: Praise for treasury’s Mogajane, but his replacement faces a battle

When Dondo Mogajane became director general of the national treasury, question marks were raised about his ability to defend the institution. Five years later, it was a war well fought

Editorial: There’s a crisis coming

Immigration policies are fueling the already-present xenophobia in South Africa. The situation of ZEP holders is particularly dire, but the entire region will be affected

These are our forgotten women

The month of March has merely reminded us of how little we have achieved in the fight for women’s protection and equality

Fikile the Clown fails to fix, instead he struts

South Africa’s class clown, Fikile Mbalula, who also moonlights as minister of transport, did (another) stupid thing recently.

No honour: Mantashe’s response to state capture report comes as no surprise

The resignation of former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene after it emerged he had omitted that he had met the Guptas for tea was one of far too few occasions in which we’ve had a prominent ANC member relinquish their duties honourably.

Putin’s Ukrainian actions show the ‘end of history’ is a myth

Francis Fukuyama’s 1992 classic The End of History and the Last Man suggested an the end point to ideological evolution. Putin’s actions and the world’s inaction put paid to that idea

Editorial: Nothing will be done unless it is good for the ANC

Whether it’s allowing independent candidates to stand or firing corrupt ministers, waiting for Cyril to act is like waiting for Godot

Julius Malema: Ten years later, still a ‘useful’ tool

A decade has passed since Malema was frogmarched out of the ANC. Out in the cold he has, however, remained a constant thorn in the side of the party and a useful gun for hire in our political theatre

Ramaphosa finds a tough crowd to please as country’s crisis grows

Although the president deserves some credit for taking responsibility for those events, one wonders if heads will fall in his cabinet in the weeks and months to come.

South Africa is not a failed state, but we’re fragile

With South Africa on the fiscal precipice, the president needs to take hard decisions instead of focussing on re-election

Editorial: Please choose the chief justice judiciously, Mr President

The judiciary is under attack from populists – again – and needs a leader who can balance tensions between rights in the Constitution brilliantly and bravely.

Editorial: State capture could not have existed without banks

When faced with the choice between protecting the interests of people and making a profit, even the most benign corporations will choose the latter.

Editorial: Education failures are a failure for us all

For the next three months we all must critically engage with the education sector to halt the flood of a generation slipping through.

Editorial: Will the ANC see its next milestone?

How much more time does the ANC have before losing the country? It’s the question of the next decade, or for the next two years, as the 2024 general election looms.