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Defend journalists and media freedom in Eswatini

Journalists are censored through cruel and illegitimate detention, torture and the removal of means to disseminate information to citizens crying – and dying – for it

Covid-19 border closures hit Zimbabwe’s women traders hard

The past 18 months have been tough for women cross-border traders, who saw their income vanish when borders closed

Deadly medicine: Poison and warfare

Imraan Coovadia’s new book connects the programmes of poisoning in Rhodesia and South Africa in five essays about the circumstances and men at the centre of their making

Covid-19 a stress-test for legislative emergency provisions in African countries

Research by a Cape-based academic centre found that the implementation of legislative provisions was done selectively in South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia

Who finances Mozambique’s insurgency?

Informal banking and trade are both a lifeline for local communities and a grey area for terror financing, requiring progressive efforts to develop rather than de-risk

Africa updates: What happened on the continent this week

In the round-up: The Catholic Church and abuse, literature, journalists win a Nobel peace prize and South Africa among the world’s worst polluters

Eswatini army brutalises students boycotting exams

Soldiers assaulted students of William Pitcher College in Manzini city who were protesting not being refunded fees paid for hostel facilities that were not used during lockdown

Zambia’s women protest against gender-based violence

Zambia has a longstanding reputation for being a safe, peaceful country — except if you’re a woman

Dogs are racists only if their owners are

man in Nigeria, was attacked and eaten by his hungry dog, boerboels terrify people in Johannesburg, and in Canada some folk take their canine companions to daycare.

Aid workers abuse 50 DRC women

The women were promised jobs or threatened with losing their jobs during the Ebola outbreak

Meet Uganda’s first transgender citizen

Cleopatra Kambugu is the first Ugandan whose transition has been recognised by the state

Covid may collapse climate talks

When crises strike then selfishness prevails, as Britain has done with its vaccine ‘red’ travel list

Africa in brief: 25 September – 2 October

In the round-up: The ‘architect’ of the Rwandan 1994 genocide dies; the Nigerian government kills its citizens and the Twitter ban is lifted

Zimbabwe: How women are taking over cross-border smuggling

When Covid-19 hit and borders closed, people still needed to bring their groceries into Zimbabwe. Some women have taken the chance to earn a bit of cash

Art’s part in being African and queer

Cultural productions give voice to what’s hidden, marginalised and often illegal

Africa’s big adaptation ask at COP26

Africa causes just 4% of global emissions, but pays the price of them. With what money?

Tigrayans are starving to death

The famine that was feared has come to pass, and aid just isn’t getting in

Africa in brief: 18-25 September

In the round-up: Covid-19; the obscenity of Western countries; closing schools for the rest of the year; and Samuel Eto’o declares his candidacy

France slashes visas for Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia in migrant row

Immigration is shaping up to be a key issue in next year's French presidential election, when President Macron is widely expected to face off again against the far-right leader Marine Le Pen