Zimbabweans stuck in limbo in South Africa

The legal challenge to Zimbabwean Exemption Permit deadline in December is being led by the controversial Simba Chitando, who is the head of Zanu-PF’s Sandton branch and whose uncle is Zimbabwe’s mining minister

Stablecoin is gaining currency in Africa

African governments are signalling support for digital currencies that promise to leapfrog their economies into the digital era

Zimbabwe a transit site for migrants

Syndicates in Zimbabwe traffic Africans fleeing the strife in their countries to South Africa

Daily bread: Cairo’s cycle delivery race

In Africa’s most congested city, an army of young cyclists performs incredible feats of balance and daring to ensure that the business of bread remains on the move

Human Rights Watch: Russian mercenaries killing civilians in Central African Republic

The NGO has noted that paramilitary forces have executed, tortured, and beaten civilians since 2019

From banker to barista: When coffee calls in Zimbabwe

A 43-year-old innovator has, with his mobile business, introduced the joy of a cup of coffee on the go in Harare

How an African artist turns electronic waste to works of art

Mounou Désiré Koffi is bringing attention to the world's e-waste menace by using dead cell phone keyboards in his art.

Covid exposes Zimbabwe’s orphan emergency

The country already has hundreds of thousands of children orphaned by Aids and social services cannot cope with numbers boosted by the pandemic

Nigerian chess champ lifts the lives of teenagers living under a bridge

Babatunde Onakoya’s actions are being compared with that of Robert Katende from the movie, ‘Queen of Katwe’, thanks to his nonprofit, Chess in Slums Africa

Sandton paves golden path in Africa’s ultra-luxury property market

Changing home buyer behaviour among Africa’s high net worth individuals is inflating demand for ultra-luxury condos and penthouses

OPINION | The African immigrant’s blues in SA

A better understanding of the plight of refugees should make African immigrants more welcome on their own continent

OPINION | Africa Day 2022 comes amid a divided continent

Despite the articulated goals by Africa’s founding fathers such as Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere for the United States of Africa, it seems the ideals of Africa’s unity only visit upon the continent’s consciousness during Africa Day celebrations

Ugandan eye doctor restoring sight to nomadic herders

Ugandan eye doctor restoring sight to nomadic herders

Life sentences for Sankara assassins sends strong message

Former president Blaise Compaoré hid in Côte d'Ivoire, Hyacinthe Kafando also had to be judged in absentia and Gilbert Diendéré rejected any responsibility for the president’s death in 1987

Mourners at Elvis Nyathi’s memorial vent anger at Zimbabwe ambassador service

Zimbabweans are frustrated by the xenophobic sentiment and violence against them in South Africa, but their real fury is aimed at the Zimbabwean government

Honda Fit has become the vehicle of choice for criminals in Zimbabwe

The police have warned commuters about using these pirate taxis but people have no choice but to use them

Imagining African governance futures in 2063

Four future scenario paint mixed picture of optimism and pessimism for Africa’s future governance and development

Buzz Farm’s drones to the rescue

Two graduates in Zimbabwe started a drone business and now provide farmers with services that save them time and money

Mswati’s hand seen in eSwatini’s removal from SADC agenda

The omission of Eswatini from the SADC agenda may reinforce the belief that Mswati intends to hold the dialogue on his own terms rather than in the interests of the country