Africa’s energy needs to top COP27 negotiations

UN Economic Commission for Africa says climate finance action has never been more urgent

Why Africa’s crypto wave attracts funding

As Africa's crypto adoption numbers continue to break records, startups in the space are attracting ever-more funding

As fees rocket, Zimbabweans turn to homeschooling

Parents are increasingly home schooling their children but there are drawbacks

Funds to chase more African unicorns

Venture capital firms are raising funds to secure high-impact African startups

Youth apathy sours African election fever

Despite young people comprising Africa's majority, their political participation is riddled with inconsistencies. Many young Kenyans won't vote next month but it is likely to be very different next year in Nigeria

A new lease of life for Zimbabwe’s HIV-positive prisoners

Peer support has been pivotal to inmates taking responsibility for their health

Africa’s chief executives focus on Francophone markets

Leaders at some African firms are looking at Francophone markets as a way to expand sales hit by Covid-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

A Marshall Plan for Africa’s food-price crisis?

The rescue proposal designed by and for African countries is targeted at ensuring future food security as the continent struggles to procure key agricultural commodities, such as wheat, because of the war in eastern Europe.

Uber drives a hard bargain in Africa at the cost of its drivers

But the drivers don’t get a say, or the benefits gained by their overseas peers

José Eduardo dos Santos: The president who died alone

The former Angolan president chose power and wealth over developing his country

Mozambique: Collapse of cotton may unravel fragile social fabric of Cabo Delgado

First came the insurgency. Then the humanitarian crisis. Now the remaining residents of Cabo Delgado are facing economic ruin

Sierre Leone: New money, old problems

The country’s shiny new banknotes are only a cosmetic solution to Sierra Leone’s dire economic crisis, say critics

Interest-free ‘buy now, pay later’ takes hold in Africa

Short-term financing companies are offering pay-over-time loans as payment methods, often interest-free, in several cash-strapped countries

African governments silent after Glencore pleads guilty to grand corruption

Little has been done on the continent to investigate the Swiss mining, energy and commodity trading giant

Pay us in US dollars, Zimbabwe’s nurses, doctors demand

A five-day strike by medical staff froze the country’s ailing hospitals, but although the government was forced to pay attention, it is refusing to pay in American currency

Daughter of Angola’s Dos Santos demands autopsy on foul play fears

The 79-year-old was rushed to hospital and placed in in intensive care after suffering a cardiac arrest on June 23, his family said. 

Tunisia struggles to grow more wheat as Ukraine war bites

Since the Ukraine war sent global cereal prices soaring, import-dependent Tunisia has announced a push to grow all its own durum wheat, the basis for local staples like couscous and pasta.

Polio crusading entrepreneur bikes across Africa

Kunle Adeyanju has travelled to 42 cities in 13 countries on a mission to help eradicate polio. What he experienced runs counter to prevailing narratives about the countries