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Coal gets the cold shoulder as coal power fleets on course to be 56% smaller than expected

Only Gambia has a plan that, if everyone acted the same way, would see global heating kept to below 1.5°C.

Coups are always a bad idea – even the popular ones

Why are coups happening more frequently? The most significant trend is the deepening democratic deficit across many African countries, and a corresponding decline in effective enforcement of democratic norms

Photos capture Africa’s mighty as they fall

Alpha Condé is not the first president to have his humiliation captured on camera.

The convenient myth of an Africa spared from Covid-19

There are few, if any, studies to support Pfizer chief executive’s assertion that the global south would be more vaccine-hesitant than the north

How Alpha Condé overthrew Alpha Condé

Since the coup d’état, Guinea’s head of state has been in the custody of the military officers. But it was the president who was the primary architect of his own downfall

Welcome to Benguela, Angola’s top holiday destination

Benguela exists in the country’s collective psyche in a way no other city does. It’s a place that’s inspired poets, musicians, writers and artists

Kagame: Rwanda is paying for the Cabo Delgado intervention’

Responding to widespread claims that France is funding Rwandan forces, the president says ‘no one is sponsoring’ his army

Democracy is still a dream in Guinea

Military juntas seldom protect human rights, but they justify their coups for this reason

Africa in brief: 4-11 September

What happened on the continent this past week

Africa’s first underwater museum set to open in Kenya

The museum stretches along the coast from Lamu to Malinda and showcases shipwrecks and their stories in a unique ecosystem

British American Tobacco agents brokered Mugabe bribe proposal

Proposed bribe to Zanu-PF was co-ordinated by South African private security company FSS

Rwanda’s military is the French proxy on African soil

Why did Rwanda intervene in Mozambique in July to defend, essentially, two energy companies?

Uganda: Bobi Wine’s crisis of confidence

Ugandan opposition leader’s popularity frightened Museveni into even greater autocracy

Biker bandits drive insecurity in Nigeria

A classic bandit extortion strategy is to set homes and grain stores on fire to intimidate individuals into paying up.

Court orders that Mugabe’s body be exhumed and reburied in Harare

Zimbabwean court dismisses appeal by former president Mugabe’s three children

UN denies Sudan refugee camps used as bolthole for Tigray rebels

Last month Sudan recalled its ambassador to Ethiopia, saying Addis Ababa had spurned its efforts to broker a ceasefire in the Tigray conflict.

Review: Nigeria’s ‘King of Boys’ was a smash hit. Does the sequel do it justice?

Kemi Adetiba’s Netflix miniseries is certainly stylish — but it’s missing the panache of the original

Nigeria ‘being careful’ about private sector Covid help

Indemnity clauses and fears of fake jabs mean Nigeria’s government must do its vaccine roll-out alone