China pledges to support Africa without ‘imposing its will’

China invests heavily in Africa, and is the continent's largest trading partner with direct trade worth more than $200-billion in 2019

The dirty secrets of the dictators’ favourite bank

BGFIBank allegedly played a central role in a years-long scam that allowed former DRC leader Joseph Kabila’s family and close associates to launder $243-million in public and suspect funds

Facebook fails to curb the spread of hate speech in Ethiopia

Most of Facebook’s features are designed to maximise meaningful social Interaction, which means the algorithm promotes extreme content

Scores of children die of starvation in Tigray hospitals

Some 29% of children are acutely malnourished, up from 9% before the war

Blinken heads to Nigeria facing calls to rethink ties

With 20% of sub-Saharan Africa's population and its largest economy, Nigeria is critical for any continent-wide strategy and successive US administrations have courted Nigerian leaders since the restoration of civilian rule in 1999.

Sudan releases Al Jazeera bureau chief

The arrest of Al-Musalami al-Kabbashi was the latest since a military coup three weeks ago and came after tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets on Saturday to demand a transition to civilian rule.

Ugandan capital hit by twin explosions in ‘attack’

The twin attacks follow two blasts last month — a bus explosion near Kampala that wounded many people and a bombing at a roadside eatery in the capital that killed one woman.

Eswatini national dialogue forum could strengthen foundation for success amid the country’s deep political crisis

Agreeing on the objectives of a national dialogue may seem like a straightforward exercise but, if the foundation is not correctly laid, fissures may appear to the detriment of the process

Ghosts of colonial looting haunt Europe’s museums

Here is a recap of disputes over artefacts looted from Europe’s former African colonies.

Angola on the brink of famine, threatening the lives of millions

About 114 000 children under the age of five need immediate treatment because they are suffering from acute malnutrition

‘Gross human rights abuses’ in Eswatini

Civil society has called for an investigation into King Mswati’s alleged crimes against humanity

Ethiopia detains 72 World Food Programme drivers

A United Nations spokesperson said the latest detentions had occurred in the capital of Afar province, on the only functional road leading into famine-threatened Tigray.

Mass arrests of Tigrayans sow fear in Ethiopia

Far from Ethiopia war front, mass arrests ensnare fearful Tigrayans

EU begins military training against Mozambique insurgency

Islamic State linked militants have been wreaking havoc in the area since 2017, raiding villages and towns in violence that has claimed at least 3 340 lives.

DRC’s former child soldiers face tough return to civilian life

Many of the former child combatants are overwhelmed by the horrors they have witnessed in a part of the country that has been ravaged by violence for more than 25 years

UN rights chief decries ‘extreme brutality’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict

Michelle Bachelet insisted on the need to bring perpetrators of a vast array of rights abuses to justice

Sudan coup imperils hard-won international backing

When Sudan’s military removed leader Omar al-Bashir in 2019, it started receiving aid that is now under threat

Lessons King Mswati should learn

Africa’s last monarch has shut schools to stop student protests against his rule — but he should heed previous events that toppled other despots

Sudanese stand ground against coup as condemnation pours in

On Monday soldiers detained Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, his ministers and civilian members of Sudan's ruling council, who have been heading a transition to full civilian rule