Lydia Namubiru

Omicron variant: The West finds yet another reason to keep Africans out

Thanks to the Omicron variant, it is harder than ever for Africans to travel – even though public health experts say the restrictions make no sense

East Africa’s ‘lucrative’ conversion therapy industry

A six-month investigation reveals ‘degrading and discriminatory’ treatment at health centres in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

‘Pro-family’ campaigners ignore pregnant women dying during Covid lockdowns

Conservative groups are fighting efforts to expand African women’s access to healthcare. Do they care about women all the time, or only when they’re procreating?

Sex workers abandoned as Covid-19 crackdowns undo Africa’s HIV efforts

Controlling Covid-19 may worsen Africa’s HIV epidemic by stopping state and civil society health services built up over 35 years

My late uncle, and the ethics of clinical trials in Africa

Despite the long history of medical racism, any potential Covid-19 vaccines must be tested in Africa — but not only on the continent

Inside Uganda’s controversial ‘pregnancy crisis centres’, where contraception is discouraged

Undercover investigation shows that controversial US-linked centres are defying government policy and providing inaccurate medical information

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