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Ask Yourself: Episode 7 – The media and politics

Athandiwe Saba talks to writer, director and performer Ameera Conrad about the role of media in protect and politics.

Ask Yourself: Episode 6 – Listening between the lines

In which the Ukuzibuza team ask the Langa Mavuso about music and its relevance to societal issues.

Ask Yourself: Episode 5 – The come up

In which the Ukuzibuza team ask the M&G editor what support exists for young writers.

Ask Yourself: Episode 4 – The mental health currency

In which the Ukuzibuza team ask about the challenges young people face online and off when it comes to mental health.

Ask Yourself: Episode 3 – 616

In which the Ukuzibuza team ask "Is there still room for monastic schools in a world where gender is fluid?"

Ask Yourself: Episode 2 – Pride and Preference

In which the Ukuzibuza team ask "Is there still room for monastic schools in a world where gender is fluid?"

Ask Yourself: Episode 1 – How to start a revolution

Celebrate Youth Day by tuning in to episode one of our new youth-centred podcast series.

Could an implant the size of a match stick save teenage girls from HIV? Find out.

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan talks to HIV scientist Salim Abdool Karim about his research on risky relationships of young women and older men.

[LISTEN] You bank your money each month, so why not bank your breast milk?

We always tell moms breast is best but sometimes milk doesn't come when babies do. This breast milk bank is filling in these gaps.

Did the apartheid government inject black people with HIV? We look to science.

This month, the New African boasts a shocking headline: "We deliberately spread Aids in South Africa." Could that be true?

[LISTEN] This mom became a sex worker and her daughter is fine with it

Sex work is selling a service, not your body, says Mariska Majoor. There's nothing sinister about it.

[PODCAST] Each one teach one: Doctors, traditional healers tackle psychiatric illness

Medical doctors and traditional healers often struggle to trust each other. But in this rural KZN community they learned how to work together.

[LISTEN] Clueless about your period? There are consequences

It may come round every month, but a lot of us still don't know how our menstrual cycle works, says reproductive health doctor, Tlaleng Mofokeng.

[LISTEN] Why are women in ‘blesser-like’ relationships more likely to contract HIV?

Reproductive health doctor Tlaleng Mofokeng explains to Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan why age-disparate relationships make women more vulnerable to HIV.

Blessers and blessees: Why do we have so many?

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan asks reproductive health doctor Tlaleng Mofokeng why older men prey on younger women.

[LISTEN] How (not) to clean your vagina

Our Mia Malan speaks to medical doctor Tlaleng Mofokeng about how to stay happy and healthy down there.

Black students in medical schools: Is there a problem?

Our Mia Malan speaks to Laura Lopez Gonzalez about the recent allegations of racism at Wits Medical School.

#LifeEsidimeni: Inside the arbitration hearings

As the hearings continue this week, Laura Lopez Gonzalez speaks to Nelisiwe Msomi about the arbitration process.