Charles Leonard

The Nkrumahs’ marriage was no match made in heaven

This almost forgotten song, written at a time when many African countries had gained their independence, can provide hope during our era of persistent xenophobia

The 10 baddest albums of 2015

Charles Leonard chooses a fine, eclectic mix of jazz – local, spiritual, Afro-futurist – dub, electronica and pop.

Coming to SA: UK DJ Charles Webster on not playing bad music

UK producer and DJ Charles Webster talks about playing at this weekend's Churn 2015 and his latest album.

All aboard the Soul Train

From hyphenated soul to experimental soul, Charles Leonard explores the four directions that soul is taking these days.

Andre Brink opened my teenage eyes

From "Orgie" to "Droë Wit Seisoen", Charles Leonard remembers how the late Andre Brink's writing and character transformed his life.

Highs and lows of a year in music

Charles Leonard writes about his vet’s stillborn question to Leonard Cohen and the joys of reggae.

No tricks were used in Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems

Producer, Patrick Leonard, assures M&G's Charles Leonard that no tricks were used during the recording of Popular Problems.

Singer Leonard Cohen is back on the road

Getting shafted by his manager turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Canada's best-loved singer, writes Charles Leonard.

Jo’burg’s true colours

Who better to open Hermann Niebuhr's exhibition than a former city chief and one of his biggest fans?

Hooked on music

<b>Charles Leonard</b> explains why Taste of Sónar is a far more exciting prospect for music junkies than the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

The sounds of software

Byetone trained as a tailor, but his true love is creating minimalist, abstract techno.

List envy and shameless snobbery

<b>Charles Leonard</b> explains the anxiety and snobbery that goes with compiling your own year-end list of top music albums.

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