The battle for 2050 energy dominance: Nuclear industry makes its pitch

Nuclear sector says it should be poised to take up more than 50% of the 24GW left vacant by coal

SABS ‘contemplates’ 170 retrenchments to save R150m

Salaries account for 65% of the South African Bureau of Standards’ total operating‌ costs

Q&A Sessions: Marcia Mayaba —Driven to open doors for women

Marcia Mayaba has been in the motor industry for 24 years, donning hats that include receptionist, driver, fuel attendant, dealer principal and now chief...

Hot topic: Is crypto’s climate cost higher than its value?

The recent blockchain boom has been followed by concerns over its impact on the environment

New cyber scam targets property sales

Suspects appear in court on charges of fraud and forgery to intercept payments for title deed transfers and associated legal fees

Why motorists are paying more for petrol

Steep fuel price hikes are the result of higher levies, which came into effect this week, as well as a turbulent international oil market

Why the cash of the future will be digital and decentralised

Technology used in cryptocurrency will overhaul the banking sector and cater for the unbanked

Covid causes gender gap to increase by a generation

The World Economic Forum reports it would take more than 135 years to reach global gender parity. South Africa ranks 18th, a downward curve in gender equality.

South Africa tops G20 coal-reliance list in 2020, report finds

In 2020, 86% of South Africa’s electricity came from coal, compared to the global average of 34%, Global Electricity Review research shows

Uptick in jobs driven by part-time work

Total employment increased by 76 000 between September and December 2020, but 11 000 full-time jobs were lost in the same period

Big banks under pressure to end fossil-fuel finance

Shareholder engagement on climate-crisis risks is an proving effective tactic to bring about change

Lockdown chomps chicken profits

Tightened belts meant South Africans ate 19% less chicken last year, and local farmers say dumped imports and the hard lockdown have hurt their businesses

Black business needs a new meeting place

There are still too few top positions filled by black leaders - we need to work tirelessly to change that

Reserve Bank keeps repo rate unchanged

The South African Reserve Bank cautioned that if it was not for load-shedding, the country’s economy could have been stronger

Consumer price inflation eased in February

But higher petrol and electricity prices are expected to drive up price inflation throughout the economy

Budget cuts give bad bosses a break

A scaled-down labour inspectorate will leave vulnerable workers at the mercy of ‘unscrupulous employers’

SA’s biggest banks remain resilient amid Covid-19 shocks

The sector was badly hit by credit losses, but strong capital buffers have kept it from spiralling

SAPS’ misplaced financial priorities inhibit it from tackling commercial crimes

The SAPS has received more than R500-billion over the past five years, yet commercial crime cases such as Steinhoff drag on

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