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Audi Q2: Trials of the ‘big’, unashamed city slicker

The Audi Q2 is a lot more toned down than its older siblings, but that might be all you need

Range Rover Sport Carbon is a deranged speed addict

It’s hard to grasp the power that lies underneath South Africa’s latest arrival

F-Type R: Jaguar’s statement car lays claim to the jungle

The ridiculously powerful new generation prowls among us

VW GTI TCR: The classic that roams our streets

In a limited edition run, the essence of the GTI has been perfectly distilled

What is it like to drive an Audi A4 in 2021?

An old family friend is over for dinner, but we don’t have too much to catch up on

Peugeot 2008 GT Line is a French kiss

The futuristic features of the 2008 GT Line make it easy on the eye and even easier to drive

MX-5: 0utrun by its earlier incarnations

Removing the gear stick has left the tiny roadster flat-footed, though stylistically it still has pizzazz

Volvo XC90 has the questionable ‘curse’ of perfection

There is almost nothing wrong with the flagship Swede. That might just be the problem

Review: BMW X5 Competition — A Frankenstein tale come true

The BMW X5 Competition, an unholy merger from the mind of a monster-maker, continues its tradition of scaring anyone who holds its wheel

Review: Suzuki Vitara Brezza is a tamed beast

The car maker’s upward trajectory continues with another impressive but affordable car

Review: Mazda has missed an opportunity to dazzle

Mazda brought down only three of these late last year, all of which were thrust into media rotation

Review: Volvo XC40 is never intimidating

When you’re asked to drive 400km on a business trip, it really helps if you don’t have to do it in an old skorokoro. In this Volvo, it becomes a road trip to rival others.

Suzuki solidifies cult status among the unpretentious

It may not look fancy, or have a fancy price tag, but the Jimny holds its own

BMW X7: Is this the peak of our greed?

Even next to its luxury peers, the seven-seat behemoth is a little too much

Every playground has a bully

The luxury Audi A6 sedan puts up a strong argument that the segment still has something worthwhile to offer

Touareg: Explore your dark side

The popular SUV continues its push to compete alongside the other big German boys

A Landie icon is born

Replacing one of the most-loved cars in history, the new Defender pulls off the near impossible task of doing almost everything better

Audi Q8: Perfectly cool

The Audi Q8 is designed to be the king in the elite SUV class. But is it a victim of its own success?