About Us

Welcome to the Mail & Guardian, South Africa’s premier weekly newspaper and website. Since our founding in 1985, we have been committed to delivering quality investigative journalism, insightful commentary and comprehensive news coverage to our readers. With a strong focus on political analysis, Southern African news, the environment, local arts, music and popular culture, we have earned a reputation as a trusted source of information and a newspaper of record for South Africa.

Origins and evolution of the Mail & Guardian

The Mail & Guardian has a rich history that dates back to 1985 when it was established as the Weekly Mail, an alternative newspaper that emerged as a response to the closure of influential liberal newspapers during the apartheid era. Since then, we have evolved and adapted to the changing media landscape, becoming the first news organisation in South Africa to launch a website in 1994. Our commitment to editorial independence and excellence has remained steadfast throughout our journey.

Our purpose and values

At the Mail & Guardian, we are driven by a strong sense of purpose. We believe in the power of independent journalism to foster dialogue, champion truth and effect positive change. Our core values of truth, freedom, justice and equality guide our work and shape our editorial decisions. We aim to create space for debate and diversity, defend freedom of expression and combat racial, political and religious prejudice. Our journalism is rooted in solidarity with the powerless and vulnerable, as we strive for a more just and compassionate South Africa.

Comprehensive content and coverage

The Mail & Guardian is known for its comprehensive coverage of political analysis, investigative journalism, and news from Southern Africa. Through our online platform, we provide daily news updates, multimedia content and engaging storytelling. Our coverage extends to local, international and African news, with a particular emphasis on hard-hitting political reporting, investigations and beat reporting in areas such as the economy, environment and courts.

Ownership and leadership

Mail & Guardian Media  Ltd is the private company that owns the Mail & Guardian publications. Its shareholders are the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), Hoosain Karjieker, a Staff Share Trust as well as the original founders of the Publication. 

Awards and recognition

Over the years, the Mail & Guardian has received numerous accolades, reinforcing our position as a respected media outlet. We have been honoured with awards such as the CNN African Journalism Award, the Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Award, the Vodacom Journalist of the Year Award, and the Bookmark Awards, among others. These awards highlight our dedication to delivering high-quality journalism that makes a difference.

Funding and support

The Mail & Guardian derives more than 90% of its funds from commercial activities, which ensures our financial independence and freedom from undue influence. This funding model allows us to uphold our commitment to editorial independence and deliver unbiased reporting. While commercial activities form the majority of our funding, we also receive support from donors who share our vision. Donor funding is ring-fenced for specific content sections, such as environment and other social justice issues, ensuring that these important topics receive dedicated coverage.

Transparency and accountability

At the Mail & Guardian, we value transparency and accountability. Our commercial relationships, including advertising on our digital, social, and print platforms, as well as special events and newsletters, are clearly marked. We uphold a strict code of editorial independence and are proud members of the South African Press Council, ensuring that our readers can trust the integrity of our reporting

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For more information or to discuss partnership and support opportunities, please contact us using the information provided below. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve as a reliable source of news and information in South Africa.