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Despite promises, medical interns at 2 Military Hospital remain unpaid

The interns were told they would receive salaries at the end of April, but that did not happen

Why South Africa stopped making vaccines

The high demand for Covid vaccines means there is a limited global supply. Local manufacturing is one solution. So why isn’t South Africa making its own jabs?

Silicosis: ‘Can they just pay me before I die?’

Despite winning a R5 billion settlement in 2018, miners who contracted TB and silicosis at work and the family members of those who died are still waiting for that payment

First batch of Pfizer vaccines has landed in South Africa

The first shipment of Pfizer vaccines has reached the country after tense negotiations between manufacturers and the government

State of play after 400 days of lockdown

With about 1.5-million infections and 54 000 deaths, Covid-19 is still very much part of our lives as the state works to boost vaccinations

‘None of us are okay’: Frustration as South Africa’s GBV initiatives stall

SA is in a rush to roll out its national GBV action plan. But as bureaucracy and the pandemic slow progress, violence against women continues unabated

Mkhize: South Africa won’t end up in India-like Covid third wave crisis

The department of health briefed parliament on South Africa’s readiness for a possible third Covid-19 wave, as members' expressed concerns in light of India’s surge in coronavirus infections.

Four factors blocking medicines being manufactured in Africa

Setting up a continent-wide medicine regulator could be crucial to getting Africa’s people the treatments and Covid vaccines they need. Here’s why more countries need to put their weight behind it

Visionary plan benefits rural blind

Doctors praise initiative that gives them a break in the bush while they treat poor patients

Covid vaccine: Six things you need to know about the jabs

SA is on the verge of rolling out Covid-19 vaccines, but can we vaccinate children and pregnant women, and which jabs work against the 501Y.V2 variant?

Life Esidimeni: Waiting for justice is an injustice

We are a nation of inquests, commissions and ad hoc committees. Not action.

How South Africa’s Covid vaccine injury fund will work

In the rare event that you experience a severe side-effect as a result of Covid-19 vaccines, this fund will pay you out

Bird flu outbreak puts poultry industry in jeopardy

Avian flu has been confirmed on two farms in Gauteng and one in North West

Mice to the rescue in schizophrenia research

A new study has shown that similarities between human brains and those of mice can make them useful for studying mental illness, something previously believed impossible

Medical aids blame external costs as fees increase beyond inflation

Medical aid is becoming more of a luxury for many South Africans, and it’s not about to get any better

#SayHerName: The faces of South Africa’s femicide epidemic

This is an ode to the women whose names made it into news outlets from 2018 to 2020. It’s also a tribute to the faceless, nameless women whose stories remain untold.

First sanitary pad vending machine in Africa aims to end ‘period poverty’

A new invention by the MENstruation Foundation addresses the difficulty many schoolgirls face every month — not being able to afford sanitary products

South Africa temporarily halts J&J vaccine rollout plan

South Africa opts to voluntarily suspend its vaccination programme following advice from US health authorities after a rare blood clot development.

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