Mice to the rescue in schizophrenia research

A new study has shown that similarities between human brains and those of mice can make them useful for studying mental illness, something previously believed impossible

Medical aids blame external costs as fees increase beyond inflation

Medical aid is becoming more of a luxury for many South Africans, and it’s not about to get any better

#SayHerName: The faces of South Africa’s femicide epidemic

This is an ode to the women whose names made it into news outlets from 2018 to 2020. It’s also a tribute to the faceless, nameless women whose stories remain untold.

First sanitary pad vending machine in Africa aims to end ‘period poverty’

A new invention by the MENstruation Foundation addresses the difficulty many schoolgirls face every month — not being able to afford sanitary products

South Africa temporarily halts J&J vaccine rollout plan

South Africa opts to voluntarily suspend its vaccination programme following advice from US health authorities after a rare blood clot development.

South Africa’s mental health facilities are ailing

The Human Rights Commission has found a lack of staff, beds and clean, secure facilities plague institutions across the country, leaving patients unable to access the help they need.

Sindi van Zyl, the doctor who never stopped caring

South Africa lost one of its most prominent HIV doctors this weekend to Covid-related complications. Dr Sindi will be remembered for her ability to make HIV and reproductive health knowledge accessible to her hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.

More ethnically diverse bone marrow donors needed to save lives

The myth that regenerative stem cells are body parts has led to donor reluctance

Barred neonatal visits hurt infants

Some nurses chose to ignore the no-visit rule, and now the health department has allowed mothers to feed their premature infants

Top vaccinologist defends government’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout

A group of scientists has criticised the decision to sell SA’s AstraZeneca vaccine and says herd immunity mean vaccines will play a lesser role

Women living with HIV continue fight against forced sterilisation

Feminist activist groups still demand justice for human-right violations against women living with HIV

Condom crisis hits safe sex during Covid-19

Pandemic disrupts the supply of external condoms — and inner ones are unknown and in short supply

Blood-clot fears delay AstraZeneca vaccine roll-out

More than a dozen countries have suspended using the company’s Covid-19 vaccine, because of concerns about possible side effects.

Covid resources: Developing countries at the mercy of their wealthier counterparts

Last week, WTO members had another chance to level the playing field by sponsoring the Trips waiver for Covid-19 medical tools. They chose not to

A survival kit for healthcare workers, before the Covid-19 third wave hits

Doctors and nurses are dog-tired, depressed and anxious. Experts share some tips on how to cope

Former GP health MEC Masuku calls disciplinary ‘unfair’

The ANC’s disciplinary hearing against Dr Bandile Masuku has started; however, the matter against Khusela Diko has been shelved after her husband’s death

‘Doctors’ wives’ jump Covid queue

Private doctors and civilians have been exploiting gaps in the public health system to get vaccinated

Sisonke J&J urges health personnel to remain calm as Covid vials run low at some hospitals

Health workers have been prioritised and the electronic data system tightened between the arrival of the first and second batches of vials

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