Malawian doctor leads ‘kinder’ TB breakthrough

Treatment consisting of four drugs showed 89% of patients were cured, compared with 52% getting the more complicated tuberculosis treatment

Here’s what will happen in South Africa if the US reverses abortion rights

In the US, the end of national abortion rights could be drawing nearer. In South Africa, laws permit terminations — but the threat is political, not legal

‘I thought it’s just what fathers do’: How sex education can tackle child abuse

Thousands of children are abused by someone close to them but are unable to report it, because they’re either too scared or don’t realise they’re being abused. Here’s how training teachers to provide proper sex education can help them

PODCAST| Want to live longer? Here’s an exercise guide for young and old

Should you exercise a lot, or a little? Should it be in the morning or at night? Follow this easy guide to heart health

Too many disabled children still fall through schooling gaps

Inclusive strategies need to be implemented in South Africa so that people living with disabilities like autism can live meaningful, productive lives

Watch: Why is the tobacco industry comparing vaping to HIV treatment?

Public health experts disagree with the vaping industry’s argument that imposing a sin tax will lead to a similar path of Aids denialism

AmaXhosa of Matatiele say yes to ‘safe’ initiation

Young initiates avoid medical complications thanks to a blend of cultural tradition with health and safety practices

Covid-19 was ‘heartbreaking’, says youngest doctor

At 21, Thakgalo Thibela became South Africa’s youngest female doctor and her first years in hospital coincided with the pandemic

HIV prevention should be like fast food. This data shows why

KwaZulu-Natal’s state facilities are in the lead when it comes to stocking HIV prevention medicines — 97% of them do — and the Western Cape is the only province where men use HIV prevention medicine more than women

South Africa should donate its spare Covid-19 vaccines

Doing so can bolster its soft power in the SACD region

Policy changes around HIV lead to drop in breastfeeding

A new study suggests that changes in policies have led to decreased breastfeeding

It’s better to help rather than punish teen mothers

One in six South African teenagers aged 15 to 19 have had a child. Here’s how to help them stay in school

Covid-19 hospital admissions low but virus still a threat

Some coronavirus restrictions will remain as South Africa shifts out of the national state of disaster

Here’s how an abortion works from week 13

We speak to Marie Stopes SA about how a surgical abortion works and what you can expect

Brain surgery is ‘peppered with moments of joy’, says South Africa’s third black female neurosurgeon

Coceka Mfundisi wants governments to invest in her field to help patients avoid long-term impairments and health problems

Smart bra aims to quicken breast cancer diagnosis

Nigerian Kemisola Bolarinwa used ultrasound technology to develop a smart bra that enables the early detection of breast cancer

What’s the use of anti-HIV injections when those who need it most can’t use it?

A new HIV prevention medicine could work even better than daily pills but if nothing changes it costs more than R300 000 to treat one person for a year

Here’s who is in charge of buying medicines in South Africa

South Africa’s public hospitals and clinics won’t be getting a new Covid-19 treatment called molnupiravir. The tablets have regulatory approval but they aren’t the right fit for the country