Obstetric violence: The hard labour of delivery

Health workers in dysfunctional settings may abuse birthing patients as part of a strange rite of passage, and low-income women with less agency are more likely to suffer obstetric violence. This final year medical student relates his experience

South Africa’s moonlight sonata: The illicit cash cow draining specialist care at state hospitals

Specialist doctors at many state facilities aren’t showing up to work despite earning millions a year in taxpayer money. The consequences for patient health can be devastating but not everyone agrees on the solutions

PODCAST| Monkeypox: How it spreads, when to test and why people 42 and up may be protected

The smallpox vaccine provides 85% protection against infection with monkeypox, but South Africa stopped vaccinating people against smallpox in 1980

Repeal of remaining Covid rules on the way?

The President's Coordinating Council will on Wednesday discuss the possible lifting of remaining pandemic regulations as SA exits fifth wave

Karoo dust, diet & diabetes: Why ‘lifestyle disease’ is an unfair label

Diabetes is different from other non-communicable diseases, this author says. It can’t be spread in a literal sense and is instead often forced upon people by factors beyond their control. What happens when you have no say on your genetics or all you can afford is processed food?

How to pick good doctors: Why race, language and where people come from matter

Opposition groups and others often argue that matric marks alone should determine whether someone gets into medical school – not factors such as race that people can’t control. But research finds that when it comes to making a good doctor, grades aren’t everything

Inequality kills: How race, money and power affect who survives Covid-19

The data from 440 000 Covid-19 patients show that black people in South Africa were far more likely to die than their white counterparts

‘The Lancet’ journal rejects papers that don’t acknowledge African researchers

Africa needs equitable collaborations between researchers from the continent and those from outside the continent

Respiratory virus kills 100 000 children worldwide

Most cases and deaths in young children occur in lower-income countries

When all else fails: Why people opt for backstreet abortions

Abortion is legal in South Africa. But bad treatment, stigma, a lack of privacy and long waiting periods for abortions at government clinics can drive people to illegal providers

Meet the scientists tracking Covid-19’s crappy future

Water in the country’s drains can pick up a spike in Covid-19 cases or a threatening new variant in time for clinics to prepare for an influx of patients

OPINION | Taking on our land’s mental health challenges – and winning

Acceptability, access and affordability are the issues that need to be tackled to effect a major improvement across the nation.

Pay attention: Our food system is broken

Hunger and obesity are symptoms of the same problem. Activist Raj Patel’s latest film follows a Malawian farmer as she cares for the Earth while growing crops

Nurses could track domestic violence from stomach pains and headaches

The government had a plan to build domestic violence care into clinic services more than two decades ago but nothing ever came of it. Researcher Lisa Vetten argues it’s not too late to bring the long forgotten project back to life

We are not disposable, say healthcare workers

The Gauteng health department’s budget has been slashed in half, resulting in nurses who worked through the pandemic sitting at home while 10 000 posts are vacant

Burn them — that’s what happens to expired Covid vaccines

Vaccines don’t last forever. When they reach their expiration date, the jabs need to be disposed of in a way that ensures they aren’t retrievable. A waste management company explains how this is done

What the latest Covid-19 stats can tell us — and what they can’t

Covid-19 figures have never captured the full extent of the pandemic, and the numbers are becoming less useful because fewer people are testing

A female condom can take sexual pleasure to new heights

Internal condoms not only offer protection, they increase the user’s control and the rings tickle the clitoris and penis