US cancer death rate drops by a third since 1991

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States behind heart disease.

Family details four-year-old’s battle with agonising neuroblastoma

The Philbins are only now starting to come to terms with the death of their daughter, Gracie Rae

Blood supply is critically low and a rise in demand looms, says the blood service

Instead of reaching a daily target of 3 500 litres, the South African National Blood Service is collecting only 2 300 litres

Time for Africa to take control of its own health

Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya among 27 countries yet to sign the treaty for the establishment of the African Medicines Agency.

Curfew lifted as South Africa’s Omicron-fuelled fourth wave subsides

During the surge in December, only a marginal increase in Covid-19 deaths was noted, while hospitalisation rates were lower than in previous waves, the presidency statement said

Health department suspends revised Covid-19 quarantine and contact tracing protocols

A revised circular will be released once the department has taken additional input into consideration.

Health department scraps quarantine, isolation requirements for asymptomatic Covid-19 contacts

The government has also started administering J&J booster shots from 24 December and will roll out Pfizer boosters from 28 December

FDA approval of injectable HIV prevention drug an important milestone for sub-Saharan Africa

The CAB-LA injection is the first of its kind in HIV prevention interventions and only needs to be taken every eight weeks

Scientists hopeful future Covid variants will be less severe

The lower severity of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 indicates that a stronger immune response has been built over time

Preeclampsia: an ongoing battle to save the lives of mothers and babies

A 2021 study showed that hypertensive disorders of pregnancy have increased in the last nearly 30 years

How your body can protect you from getting sick with Omicron

Omicron’s many mutations allow it to duck our body’s natural defence, but the immune system has a some tricks to prevent you from getting severely ill

How quickly Omicron is spreading in South Africa?

The Omicron variant’s spread across South Africa has already surpassed the peak of the Delta-driven third wave. Here’s what the data tells us so far about how quickly Omicron spreads — but truly understanding the variant will take more time.

Plea to repair and reopen Johannesburg’s iconic Charlotte Maxeke hospital now

If the government is unwilling to ensure our patients’ basic constitutional right to access healthcare, it is time to investigate a private-public partnership to repair our facility

WHO director-general gives African public health conference thumbs up

Ghebreyesus says Covid-19 pandemic highlights the importance of nurturing strong science and research on the continent.

It’s doable: Africa wants 60% of locally manufactured vaccines by 2040

The next three to five years will require the continent to ensure there is sustainable business beyond Covid-19.

Children between 12 and 17 are now eligible for second vaccine shot

Those 12 years and older who are severely immunocompromised can get a Pfizer booster dose at least 28 days after their second jab

Alarm as almost 20% of South Africa’s healthcare workers contract Covid

The 10-day healthcare worker ‘isolate and contact trace’ policy puts pressure on other healthcare workers and compromises hospitals’ ability to deliver quality healthcare

Debunked: The cruel and racist logic of Omicron travel bans

Wealthy countries were quick to ban Southern African nations from entering their borders when the Omicron variant was identified, but did not do so to each other.