Mia Malan

PODCAST| Monkeypox: How it spreads, when to test and why people 42 and up may be protected

The smallpox vaccine provides 85% protection against infection with monkeypox, but South Africa stopped vaccinating people against smallpox in 1980

What the latest Covid-19 stats can tell us — and what they can’t

Covid-19 figures have never captured the full extent of the pandemic, and the numbers are becoming less useful because fewer people are testing

VIDEO | How to know if you’re exercising hard enough

To keep your heart happy and healthy you should be exercising for 150 to 300 minutes a week. Watch this short video for other useful tips on how to exercise properly

PODCAST| Want to live longer? Here’s an exercise guide for young and old

Should you exercise a lot, or a little? Should it be in the morning or at night? Follow this easy guide to heart health

Mia Malan: Eight lessons the Covid pandemic taught me about journalism

During a crisis such as the Covid pandemic, people have simple demands of the media: how to protect themselves, which government rules they have to follow and what the future holds

HIV prevention should be like fast food. This data shows why

KwaZulu-Natal’s state facilities are in the lead when it comes to stocking HIV prevention medicines — 97% of them do — and the Western Cape is the only province where men use HIV prevention medicine more than women

It’s your last shot at the Pfizer vaccine before the roll-out changes

Just under a third of South Africa’s Pfizer vaccines are set to expire by July, so the health department is trying to increase uptake of the doses and donate spare shots

Wait, donate, demolish: Why millions of South Africa’s vaccines will never be used

Children aged five to 11 get smaller doses of the Pfizer vaccine than adults. That means the government will have to buy new vials to vaccinate this age group but the health department doesn’t have the money to do so

Debunked: The cruel and racist logic of Omicron travel bans

Wealthy countries were quick to ban Southern African nations from entering their borders when the Omicron variant was identified, but did not do so to each other.

Vaccine passports, masks and herd immunity. Bhekisisa asks Dr Anthony Fauci

We ask the infectious diseases specialist 18 questions about the Covid-19 pandemic: from how to counter vaccine hesitancy to whether life will ever return to ‘normal’

How do vaccines work when you have HIV or cancer? Four questions answered

Why should you wait for two weeks after a flu jab before getting vaccinated for Covid-19, and is it safe to get a shot if you have a weak immune system? We break it down.

The 30-day rule: Why you have to wait for a vaccine if you’ve recently had Covid

Scientists know that people who have had Covid still benefit from getting vaccinated with at least one shot of the vaccine. But can you get vaccinated while you have Covid?

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