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Two-million new J&J jabs to come within two weeks, says Aspen

Johnson & Johnson plans to replace our two-million unusable vaccines by July. The vaccines are unsuitable for use and must be destroyed, while the country’s vaccination programme is behind schedule

How do we know if SA is in a third Covid-19 wave — and could there be a fourth?

A team working with the country’s Covid ministerial advisory committee uses a formula to keep tabs on the rise of infections. Here’s how it works

What is it like to get a Covid-19 vaccine? We take you on a tour of a Johannesburg site

What does the inside of a vaccination centre look like and how do nurses administer the jab? The vials, syringes, the vaccinators — and the science behind it

How long will you wait for a Covid-19 vaccination appointment? We answer 7 questions

The only way to book an appointment for a Covid-19 jab is to register on the government’s electronic vaccination system

Covid vaccine: Six things you need to know about the jabs

SA is on the verge of rolling out Covid-19 vaccines, but can we vaccinate children and pregnant women, and which jabs work against the 501Y.V2 variant?

Sindi van Zyl, the doctor who never stopped caring

South Africa lost one of its most prominent HIV doctors this weekend to Covid-related complications. Dr Sindi will be remembered for her ability to make HIV and reproductive health knowledge accessible to her hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.

Q&A: 9 things to know about Africa’s first Covid-19 vaccine trial

In about a year we’re likely to know if a candidate vaccine we’re beginning to test this week is effective against a virus that has devastated our country

Could an implant the size of a match stick save teenage girls from HIV? Find out.

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan talks to HIV scientist Salim Abdool Karim about his research on risky relationships of young women and older men.

Shot-caller, calculated, master of survival. SA, meet your new health minister.

Will Ramaphosa’s new health minister wield enough power to bring recalcitrant MECs to heel?

[LISTEN] You bank your money each month, so why not bank your breast milk?

We always tell moms breast is best but sometimes milk doesn't come when babies do. This breast milk bank is filling in these gaps.

Conspiracy apartheid agent inject black South Africans HIV epidemic fake news

This month, the New African boasts a shocking headline: “We deliberately spread Aids in South Africa.'' Could that be true?

Did the apartheid government inject black people with HIV? We look to science.

This month, the New African boasts a shocking headline: "We deliberately spread Aids in South Africa." Could that be true?

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