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Hot topic: Is crypto’s climate cost higher than its value?

The recent blockchain boom has been followed by concerns over its impact on the environment

Why motorists are paying more for petrol

Steep fuel price hikes are the result of higher levies, which came into effect this week, as well as a turbulent international oil market

Why the cash of the future will be digital and decentralised

Technology used in cryptocurrency will overhaul the banking sector and cater for the unbanked

Stargazing through a pandemic

Little makes sense these days, but astrology is a welcome reminder that this too shall pass

Uptick in jobs driven by part-time work

Total employment increased by 76 000 between September and December 2020, but 11 000 full-time jobs were lost in the same period

Consumer price inflation eased in February

But higher petrol and electricity prices are expected to drive up price inflation throughout the economy

Budget cuts give bad bosses a break

A scaled-down labour inspectorate will leave vulnerable workers at the mercy of ‘unscrupulous employers’

SA’s biggest banks remain resilient amid Covid-19 shocks

The sector was badly hit by credit losses, but strong capital buffers have kept it from spiralling

Climate change slightly more of a priority for chief executives, says Pwc survey

But 27% of the chief executives canvassed report being ‘not concerned at all’ or ‘not very concerned’ about climate change

NSFAS funds, jobs for youth dry up

The already turbulent labour market could see more strain if aspiring students lose out

Desalination will relieve arid SA, but it’s too expensive

Renewable energy would lower operating costs, while more and bigger plants would drive down infrastructure expenditure

South African economy contracts 7% in 2020 amid Covid-19 slump

But the country’s GDP growth in the fourth quarter of last year shows positive signs of recovery, at 6.3%

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