Luke Feltham

Reinventing the wheel: Google tech gets clunky

The XC60 is everything you would expect – except for one puzzling inclusion

Soil and trials: South Africans embroiled in US farm worker visa debate

The Mississippi court case is unique; usually the grievances are against Mexicans accused of taking work from Americans

International whistleblower awards honour four South Africans

Babita Deokaran, Thabiso Zulu, Francois van der Westhuizen and Pieter Snyders received international recognition at awards hosted by the Blueprint for Free Speech

China’s off-roader seeks a niche in SA with its BAIC B40 Plus

Beijing is hoping that its BAIC B40 Plus will replicate legendary off-roading on a budget

BMW X3 review: An SA favourite returns with a makeover

The German carmaker gives you a good reason to choose the X3 over its many competitors

Protected Disclosures Act: How did whistleblowing law go wrong?

Current legislation mainly protects employees and those who make allegations anonymously and offers too little protection for witnesses

The 2021 M&G Sport Audit: How our national teams fared this year

Once more we have the opportunity to take our marking pen to their performance

Bafana vs Ghana: Safa doubles down on accusations of match manipulation

The country’s football barons delivered an extraordinary press conference on Wednesday afternoon

Bafana Bafana ‘robbery’: Safa pray for precedent

Match replays are not unheard of in recent times and SA’s footballing authorities are hoping to benefit

‘There is no water crisis’: Mchunu calls for calm during Gauteng shutdown

The department of water and sanitation and Rand Water have addressed questions about the inauspicious timing of this week’s shutdown

Calls‌ ‌for‌ ‌Mthethwa‌ ‌to‌ ‌resign‌ ‌amid‌ ‌probe‌ ‌into‌ ‌mismanagement‌ ‌of‌ Covid funds‌

Right2Know says it is supporting artists’ right to protest after police intervened in a demonstration outside the ministry

Slice of Life: A moment of serendipity

‘Just when I was at my lowest — sprawled on my couch four months ago — I was pulled back to my feet by the past’

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