Luke Feltham

Poll day: The Great Stayaway

Only a few people have chosen who will govern South Africa’s municipalities

Big party failures crystalise as vote count enters final stretch

With at least 66 hung councils so far, coalitions are on the agenda as ANC and DA majorities tumble

Car review: The art and thrill of a Mini Cooper S

The hatch has always forged its own path. But is that enough to buy one?

Elections 2021: Where will fed-up voters make their mark?

Trust in big political parties is dwindling but that’s not necessarily a win for everybody else

Mabuza’s Russian jaunts and the slippery consequences of medical tourism

For more than five years the deputy president has remained steadfast in his right to travel abroad to receive medical treatment

Car review: Audi A3 — Pushing the envelope to beat out the competition

The enduring ‘Naomi Campbell’ Audi A3. This decade the legendary hatch has more rivals than ever before but remains unfazed

Car review: Midnight Train a dream in darkness

The bespoke Range Rover Sport SVR offers vehicles designed to the customer’s taste

Zondo villains: Amnesiac, paranoid, unhinged

South Africans listened to the weird testimony of people who denied they looted the country’s coffers — except Zuma, who refused to respond

The Zondo commission at a glance: A timeline from 2016 to today

Luke Feltham has compiled a timeline that represents the major events, testimonies and controversies of the commission

South Africa removed from infamous UK red list

The shaving of the red list will be seen as a long overdue cull by critics both inside and outside the UK

Facebook face plants

This outage comes at a precarious time for Facebook, which is still navigating the fallout of whistleblower Frances Haugen accusing the company of prioritising profits over combating misinformation and hate

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