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Adekeye Adebajo

Ethiopia’s Meles: Two sides of an autocratic coin

The cerebral 57-year-old Meles Zenawi, who ruled Ethiopia for the past 21 years, died this week. He was a man of many parts.

Defence security begins at home

The recently released draft of the first South African Defence Review is too soft on the threats posed by unaddressed developmental issues.

Sirleaf: Peace prize for a ‘warmonger’?

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf must count as one of the most political acts in the history of the prize.

Five myths of Libyan intervention

The role of various African countries in Gaddafi's demise is far from clear cut.

After Gbagbo, what next?

The Republican Forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara, are in the final stages of a violent showdown in the capital, Abidjan.

Africa must support Libya intervention

While Africa has the right to be sceptical about the West's intentions, it also has a duty to protect Libyan citizens.

Gaddafi: the despot who would be king

The man who overthrew a monarch 41 years ago is now but a pale shadow of his predecessor.

Time for the AU to reflect

<b>Adekeye Adebajo</b> reflects on the recent events in Côte d'Ivoire, Sudan and Tunisia in light of the AU's biannual summit.

Where to, Africa?

Look no further than Nigeria, the DRC, Algeria, Sudan and our own backyard to get a glimpse of what's to come. <b>Adekeye Adebajo</b> reports

The seven horsemen of Nigeria’s apocalypse

It's half a century since Nigeria gained independence. <b>Adekeye Adebajo</b> looks back over the nation's tortured history.

The First pan-African martyr

Ruth First pursued a better life for all Africans, but she was killed by a letter bomb 12 years before the liberation of her country.

A midlife crisis for Africa

During the annus mirabilis of 1960 17 independent African states were born, creating great expectations for the rebirth of a continent.

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