Sheree Bega

Inside the 18-month investigation into Roodepoort man raping a dog

Perpetrator jailed for eight years after he sexually assaulted his neighbour's puppy

How sugar, tobacco or waste gases could power your next flight

South Africa has the immediate technical potential to produce 3.2 billion litres of alternative aviation fuels annually

Scientists reveal the wondrous, supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy

The breakthrough is a result of the work of 300 scientists from 80 institutions, including Wits University

Searing Canadian heatwave unprecedented but five more extreme events went under the radar

Heatwaves need to be assessed in terms of local temperature variability because ‘a smaller absolute extreme may have more harmful effects’

Nelson Mandela Bay is on the brink of Day Zero and faces humanitarian disaster

Just a few weeks left until taps run dry in large parts of the metropolitan

Government presses urgency on climate change

Catastrophic KZN floods show how the impacts of climate change are being felt in South Africa

Sewage still flowing into the Vaal River destroys homes, livelihoods

The Vaal River intervention project has shown some progress but most of the treatment plants are still not working

Report: Breach of Lake St Lucia estuary did not contravene recommendations

The independent panel noted that no significant harm occurred and has recommended that breaching can continue in exceptional circumstances

Baby turtles on SA’s shores carry ‘messages’ of how polluted the sea is

The rescued turtles are excreting plastic, an indication that the ocean itself is sick

High court suspends environment department’s trophy hunting quota for black rhinos, leopards and elephants

Interim interdict ‘spares death’ of 170 animals at the hands of hunters, judge says

Halfmens: Four succulent poachers jailed for seven years in Northern Cape

‘Worst case in history of Richtersveld National Park’ SANParks said of the incident, which involved the attempted poaching of 14 endangered Halfmens succulents

Deep concern over rising underground tide of toxic acidic mine water on East Rand

Broken abstraction pumps at the Eastern basin treatment plant mean that water supply may become contaminated, posing a serious threat

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