Sheree Bega

The dummy’s guide to climate change for southern Africa

Though there is no going back and fixing what we have done, we can certainly all take responsibility for our corner of the world to ensure we have a fighting chance

Wild Coast communities blast Mantashe’s defence of Shell’s seismic survey

Groups opposed to multinational’s offshore search for oil and gas say that the energy minister shows his ignorance by blaming white environmentalists for wanting to ‘protect butterflies’

‘Rule of law’ closes in as Eskom’s applications to postpone compliance with air pollution standards are denied

Eskom warns that the decision, if implemented, will cause immediate power blackouts, as well as push electricity tariffs higher

South Africa witnesses alarming spike in rhino poaching

Twenty-three rhinos have been killed in 36 hours, according to a nonprofit organisation; the environment department says this figure is 24 since the beginning of December

Mantashe comments on objections to Shell seismic survey ‘astounding’

Environmental group says the government is continuing to push the country towards a climate change disaster

Insect army tackles Hartbeespoort Dam’s water hyacinths

About 300 000 planthoppers have been released on Hartbeespoort Dam to control the green horror

Tiny shot hole borer beetle is causing big problems

The invasion of this destructive beetle wiping out trees is only in its infancy and scientists expect ecological and social costs to rack up

Shell seismic ops: ‘Our ancestors’ blood was spilt protecting the land and sea’

Communities along the Wild Coast have approached the high court in Makhanda for an urgent interdict to stop Shell from initiating seismic survey operations

Following the wildlife traffickers’ money

The illegal wildlife trade is one of the most profitable criminal enterprises worldwide, but only recently has the focus shifted to investigating its financial flows

Shell gets go-ahead to proceed with seismic blasting on the Wild Coast

The high court refuses to interdict seismic survey on the basis that ‘irreparable harm’ to marine species not proved

Animal welfare bill being developed in isolation

Two government departments are working separately and animal rights groups are not being consulted, concerned groups say

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