Wandile Sihlobo

What South Africa’s excessive rains mean for food prices

We will have a poorer harvest than the glowing 2020-21 harvest, but will probably not have to import supplies

This is how South Africa could unlock its agriculture growth potential

Unlocking the full growth potential over the long run will require policy interventions in agriculture and cross-cutting government departments

South Africa’s agricultural sector is likely to have an unusual period of three consecutive favourable seasons

But higher international commodity prices will keep input costs elevated for the livestock and poultry sector

How a land reform agency could break South Africa’s land redistribution deadlock

Things can happen much quicker if the arteries of land reform are unblocked

What the lay of the land may be

Whatever route the ANC goes, a balance has to be found between property rights and restitution

Policy cannot disrupt food production

The expropriation of land without compensation will hurt the poorest people, who are already living with food insecurity and empty bellies

Wheat import tariffs – the best thing since sliced bread?

Bread prices are not necessarily linked to increases in the payments to wheat farmers and wheat import tariffs.

State to assist drought-hit farmers financially

Gordhan sounded pragmatic in his budget speech about dealing with drought, but will all those affected have access to funds, asks Wandile Sihlobo.

Drought-resistent maize key to food security

Wema was developed for dryland farmers, particularly smallholders, who are dependent mainly on rainfall.

Young blood a prerequisite for future of farms

Food security has the potential to become a crucial issue amid surging population growth, and our farmers are ageing.

The youth are agriculture’s future

The farming sector is growing and facing major changes that increasingly require more skilled labour.

Land tenure limits Eastern Cape’s crops

Given the agricultural potential in former homelands and the challenges of communal land policies, this may be the time to review them.

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