Suarez says Barcelona fans can rest assured he won't bite again

Joseph Wilson

Football's vampire Luis Suarez has moved to Barcelona, and has promised fans that he will never bite again.

Footballer Luis Suarez has bitten opponents in three separate incidents, but swears to Barcelona fans that he won't sink his teeth into another player. (Getty)

Footballer Luis Suarez says Barcelona’s fans needn’t worry – he won’t bite again. 

Barcelona unveiled Suarez on Tuesday, at an event delayed for over five weeks since his transfer from Liverpool due to his latest suspension for biting an opponent at the World Cup. 

Suarez said: “I say to all the fans, don’t worry, because I won’t do that anymore.” The Uruguayan striker sank his teeth into the shoulder of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup in June, earning him a four-month ban from playing competitive matches and further damaging his already tarnished reputation. 

At 27, Suarez has accumulated three multi-match suspensions for biting opponents. He has also been suspended for making racist remarks. 

While playing for Ajax in the Netherlands, he bit an opponent’s ear and was banned for seven games.

Last year, while playing for Liverpool, Suarez bit Chelsea’s Branislov Ivanovic’s forearm and was banned for 10 games, before heading onto this year’s World Cup, where he felt like a taste of Italian. – Sapa-AP, Staff reporter

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