David Germain

David Germain

    Guy Ritchie rocks again

    With RocknRolla, Ritchie returns to the sort of gangster tale that shot him to fame with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

    Lucas offers sneak peek at new Star Wars movie

    Fans never seem to get their fill of Star Wars, and George Lucas is happy to oblige. Lucas offered a glimpse into the latest creation in his sci-fi universe at the theatre-owners' convention ShoWest on Thursday, showing a sequence from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a computer-animated movie due in August.

    Coen brothers lead the Oscars pack

    No Country for Old Men was living up to its front-runner status at Sunday's Academy Awards, winning best adapted screenplay for the Coen brothers and best supporting actor for Javier Bardem. La Vie En Rose star Marion Cotillard was a surprise winner in the best-actress category.

    Murphy, Lohan rule the roost for year's worst in film

    A year after his Academy Awards dream went up in smoke, Eddie Murphy has not just one consolation prize, but three: Razzie Awards as worst actor, supporting actor and supporting actress for the comedy Norbit. The fourth acting "dis-honour" went to Lindsay Lohan.

    Oscars to revive Hollywood awards season

    Hollywood stars will parade across the red carpet for Sunday's Academy Awards after weeks of debate over whether a writers' strike that had derailed other award shows would be settled in time for the Oscars. However, the Oscars competition itself appears to hold little suspense, with clear favourites generally expected to win.