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Zimbabwe Finance Minister and deputy leader of the MDC Tendai Biti on Monday received a bullet and a written threat in the post at his home in Harare.

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister and deputy leader of the former opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Tendai Biti, on Monday received a bullet and a written threat in the post at his home in Harare.

Biti, a lawyer by training and outspoken critic of President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party, confirmed receiving a brown envelope with a live 9mm round.

“Violence is the language of the intellectually defeated,” Biti told the German Press Agency dpa as he proceeded with his ministerial duties at his offices at the government buildings, adding: “I am undeterred.”

The note, written in the local Shona language, read “raira nhaka”, meaning “Prepare your will.”

Biti said he had handed over the bullet and mail to the police for investigation.

Police spokesperson Wayne Bvudzijena said he could not confirm the incident because he was having communication problems, but could
“probably” provide confirmation on Tuesday.

Biti said he had informed Tsvangirai and acting president Joice Mujuru, who is filling in for Mugabe while the president is away at a summit of African leaders in Uganda.

Violence against, and harassment of, MDC members has continued in Zimbabwe despite the party joining Zanu-PF in an inclusive government in February.

As finance minister, Biti is embroiled in a fierce battle for control of government finances with Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono, an appointee of Mugabe.

Biti accuses Gono of having contributed to the demise of Zimbabwe’s economy by printing money to fill holes in government coffers, causing hyperinflation and forcing the new government to ditch the virtually worthless Zimbabwe dollar for hard currency earlier this year.—Sapa-dpa

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